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  •  September 3, 2005
SHE can face the challenges!

On 1st September 2005 Bulgarian Fund for Women /BFW/ started a one-year pilot SHE Program in partnership withHabitat for Humanity Foundation – Sofia.
With the financial support of BFW, Habitat for Humanity Foundation will repair the houses of 10 women who support their families on their own. The implementation of this program will be carried out according to Habitat for Humanity’s internationally approved credit plan, based on the principles of cooperation and volunteering. The cost of each repair must not exceed the amount of BGN 3,000. The money will be spent on materials and professional work which cannot be done by unqualified volunteers. The program is targeted at women who are willing to solve their own problem and volunteer to help the other program participants.
The requirements for a woman to apply for this program are as follows:

  1. The applicant must be the head of her family, i.e. she must have the highest income of all family members and support them financially.
  2. The repairs must be vitally necessary for improving and normalizing the living conditions and lowering the future expenses for maintenance and heating. This fact will be established by a team of independent experts set up by the Foundation. This is done to ensure a maximum objectivity of candidate selection.
  3. Each woman applicant must have a regular income, sufficient for supporting her family, but not nearly enough to pay for the repair. This is because the repair is not provided for free. It is available in the form of long-term credit without any guarantors, interest or mortgage.
  4. The candidate must be the owner of the house/flat or have a legal document allowing her to use it for the rest of her life
  5. The applicant and the members of her family must have no other property – real estate, a car, savings, etc.
  6. The applicant or a member of her family must have the possibility and express her willingness to do voluntary work for repairing not only her own house/flat, but also that of another program participant. This requirement is essential because it is necessary to achieve maximum results with a relatively limited financial resource.

A commission of independent outside experts will select 10 homes to be repaired with the amount of up to BGN 3,000 each. BFW and Habitat for Humanity will also have their representatives in the Commission.
Under the cooperation agreement, BFW is authorized with the exclusive right to conduct fundraising campaigns in order to provide the funding for this pilot program. The Fund prepares promotional materials and publicizes the goals of the fundraising initiatives. The funds raised are given to Habitat for Humanity Foundation in partial transfers depending on the amounts raised and the current needs. The Fund participates in the selection of applicants with a representative in the Selection Commission.
Based on its experience in organizing building and repair activities, “Habitat for Humanity”, has the right and obligation to:

  1. Define the selection criteria for beneficiaries, in cooperation with the Fund.
  2. Announce the start of the pilot program and prepare a list of eligible applicants.
  3. Form a Commission of experts and organize inspection of houses, evaluation of the necessary repairs and calculate their worth.
  4. Form a Commission of independent outside experts to select 10 houses for repairs
  5. Prepare and sign contracts with beneficiaries
  6. Prepare a schedule of repairs and money transfers and inform the Fund. Inform beneficiaries about the schedule of repairs
  7. Organize the repairs, supply the materials needed and provide qualified workers and volunteers

The credit is repaid to Habitat for Humanity – Sofia in installments to the Foundation’s bank account. The sums accumulated will be collected in a fund to support similar programs in the future. To guarantee complete refunding of the funds spent on repairs, the inflation quotient of Bulgarian National Bank will be added to the sums.

Following its basic operation principles – transparency and strict accounting, BFW will publicize on its website the names of the program participants selected by the Commission, the amount of funds raised, and a detailed financial report for their spending. The donors’ names will also be publicized, unless they explicitly request to remain anonymous.

For more information about “SHE” Program, please visit Habitat for Humanity website:
We would be happy if you express your sympathy for Bulgarian women and donate money to support them!
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You can make your donation over the Internet, through the national donor site “ZAEDNO”

Even the small donations are of great importance for the further existence and functioning of “SHE” program.

In hard times like these Bulgarian women have proved that they do not run away from their problems, but are eager to try and find solutions.
SHE Program is designed to encourage both personal initiative and mutual cooperation.

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