Small projects for fundraising events

  •  October 27, 2006

BULGARIAN FUND FOR WOMEN /BFW/ , is a women’s rights organization whose aim is to enhance the process of establishing real equality of women and men at national and world level through financial support for projects of non-governmental organizations /NGO/ which encourage women and girls’ active participation in development processes and their empowerment, as well as actions for elimination of all forms of discrimination.

The operation principles of BFW include:

  • Fostering the cooperation between NGOs, the central and local authorities and the business sector
  • Encouraging the development of donor attitudes and a new view of philanthropy as an investment in human development and an instrument for social change.

The above mentioned principles were the defining basis for BFW 2006 competition for small projects: it was open for NGOs that had previously implemented projects funded by BFW in the period 2004 – 2006. The second condition for participation was the NGOs to use the amount of 500 BGN given to them by BFWfor organizing a local fundraising event which would support their future activity.
Goals of the competition:

  • To ensure the sustainable and continuous development of the network of BFW grantee NGOs
  • To promote social philanthropy within the local communities
  • To identify successful models of fundraising
  • To publicize the activity of BULGARIAN FUND FOR WOMEN

List of the approved proposals in project competition “Small projects for charity events”

16 women’s NGOs from Sofia and the country took place in the competition. The time frame for the implementation of projects was designed in a way to encompass the period of Christmas holidays.

1/Civic Association Alternative 55 – town of Stara Zagora
“Charity Forum in Support of Women at Risk”

The cause of the charity initiative was to set up a local fund “Women at risk” as a section of the Public donors’ fund – Stara Zagora in order to support the women victims of domestic violence and trafficking in the region.
The charity forum took place on 29th November 2006 with the participation of over 70 representatives of NGOs, women’s organizations and non-formal groups, institutions and the local media. A lot of objects of art were donated for the charity sale: 15 paintings, 5 icons, 6 posters, 20 sets of Christmas greeting cards, 15 decorative plates, 10 sets of jewellery. The event was held in the Military club, whose management provided the hall, technical devices and organizational assistance for free, and 4 entertainment groups were invited: a children’s music band, a dance club, a patriotic songs band and a pop band /all of them also performed for free/.
The event was widely covered by the local media in 2 radio reports, 3 press publications, 2 news reports on the local TV channels and 2 live TV shows with the participation of BFW President.

The event raised 595 BGN from sales of invitations and objects.
The free use of the hall and technical equipment and the participation of the 4 entertainment groups is estimated to 600 BGN.

2/Association “Women without Osteoporosis – 21” – city of Sofia
“Fashion Show for Women with Osteoporosis”

The fashion show, which took place on 5th December 2006, presented models of the so-called “reconstructing fashion” which aims to disguise the defects in the body shape due to osteoporosis. This kind of fashion encourages the social realization and adaptation of women with osteoporosis. The clothes shown were afterwards put on charity sale, and they were presented by 4 well-known Bulgarian actresses.

The event raised 1,040 BGN – from the sale of an evening dress of 40 BGN and the previously donated sum of 1,000 BGN which according to the donor’s wish, will be used for furnishing the new reception room of Association “Women without Osteoporosis” in the sector for osseous and metabolic diseases at the Aleksandrovska hospital.
The event was accompanied with a press conference and it was covered in media publications in the newspapers “Noshten Trud”, “Nie Zhenite”, and “Zhult trud” and TV shows in the TV channels Zdrave, Centrum and BBT.
All media products, posters and invitations for the event featured the name of BFW as a donor of the event.

3/Community Centre Chitalishte LIK- town of Pleven
Special event named “With Color of Hope”

The soiree took place on 17th November 2006 in the sophisticated and cozy atmosphere of a restaurant in Pleven whose managers assisted the initiative by giving preferential prices. It was attended by representatives of the community centre, “Nadezhda” women’s club, small businesses, teachers, psychologists and friends, and the special guest Mrs. Madlen Algafari – a popular public figure who everybody enjoyed meeting in person. Community Centre Chitalishte LIK presented a report on their past and current activities as an NGO working for and with the women in Pleven. The organizers encouraged the guests who made donations to select the purpose for spending the raised funds. Three topics were proposed:
“Communication among women”, “Prevention of osteoporosis”, and “Charity activities”. Eventually, the participants in the initiative agreed to use the accumulated funds for improving the communication among women, which they defined as regular public meetings and discussions of topics suggested by the women themselves. This activity would satisfy the women’s need to have their own space for social interaction, exchange of information and building up their confidence being part of something done for them and with their active participation.
The invitations for the event bear the logo of BFW and the motto “With the friendly support of Bulgarian Fund for women”.

The initiative raised 1,584 BGN 1224 лева from invitations /12 BGN each/ and 2 donations of 300 BGN and 60 BGN.

4/Foundation “Dignified Life” – Sofia
Charity concert “We all have our dreams”

The concert took place on 1st December 2006 in Hall 11 of the National Palace of Culture.
The list of performers included: Michail Belchev and Kristina Belcheva, young performers from 6th special school for children with disabilities and community center “Pencho Slaveykov” – Sofia, the choir “Trakiyski tsviat” – Plovdiv, children form “Kiril I Metodii” school – Plovdiv, duo “Amour” – Plovdiv, performers from the school for children with eyesight disabilities – Varna, etc.
The organizer received flowers from the President of Bulgaria Mr. Parvanov and the Minister of labour and social policy Mrs. Maslarova. The initiative was covered by the national electronic media.
At the entrance of the concert hall there was a charity exhibition of objects, jewellery and paintings by disabled authors. There was also a box for charity donations.
The concert was a real festivity greatly enjoyed by the audience. The invitations and the presentation of donors both mentioned the financial support of BFW.

The event raised 2,600 BGN.– The sponsors donated 2,500 BGN in total, and the charity box contained 100 BGN.
The money will be used for setting up an Art Centre for disabled children.

5/ Association NAYA” – town of Targovishte
“16 Days against Domestic Violence – You are not Alone”

The major goal of this project, which was implemented in the period 25th November – 22nd December 2006, was to publicize the available resources for help and support to victims of domestic violence in Targovishte.
A media campaign was carried out, and 3 radio spots were produced and broadcasted daily on New Radio Targovishte during the campaign and after that until the end of 2006 for free.
A script for role-playing cases of domestic violence was developed. It will be acted out by 10 school students from the theatre group at the Youth centre in front of the audience of their school mates.

The project raised 894 BGN – from donations by three local companies managed by women. The sum will be used for supporting the activity of the Counseling centre and hot line for victims of domestic violence.

6/ “Forum for Civil Solidarity” – town of Chirpan
“Women Together – We Can Do More”

A Christmas charity concert took place on 20th December 2006 on the premises of Chirpan Town Hall. Its goal was to raise money for people with disabilities. The list of performers included amateur singers and dancers of various ages, social and ethnic groups from Chirpan, such as: a singing band, a dance group, a modern dance group “Divi”, a Roma dance group for Indian dancing, musicians, a folk dance group “Chirpanlii”, and members of the disabled persons’ club.
The event was attended by the Mayor of Chirpan.
A charity raffle was organized, and the prizes included an icon painted on a slate by an artist from Chirpan.
The local TV channel Evrokom Chirpan recorded the concert and broadcasted a film about BFW.

The event raised 585 BGN.The sum will be used for purchasing a device for rehabilitation of disabled persons in Chirpan.

7/ Roma women’s independent organization “Latshi Romni”
“An optimistic review of local resources”

The charity campaign was held in December 2006 and included an information campaign for familiarizing potential donors with the legislative regulations on taxation and the existing preferences for donors and the good practices in this sphere. A donors’ meeting and a concert were organized.

The event raised 35 BGN.
All advertising materials contain information about the financial support of BFW.

8/ Association “Knowledge, Success, Change” – town of Dupnitsa
Caf? – theatre “The Diary of Eva”

The charity event was held on 7th December 2006 in the community centre of Sapareva Banya and it featured the actress of the theatre of Dupnitsa Mrs. Snezhana Malkovska who performed the mono-play “The Diary of Eva”. The performance was attended by 40 women. After its end, a discussion on domestic violence took place and the organizers presented the services available at the Counseling centre for victims of domestic violence in Dupnitsa. The local TV channel “Rila” covered the initiative.
The event raised 128 BGN from tickets for the performance.
The voluntary contributions were estimated to 300 BGN.
The activities of BFW were also presented by a member of its work team.

9/ “Ethnointegration” Foundation – village of Krainizi, region of Dupniza
“Sharing of Cultural Differences between Bulgarian and Roma Ethnics”

A charity concert with the participation of Roma and Bulgarian dance and singing groups took place on 15th December 2006in the sports centre in Dupnitsa. It was attended by an audience of about 80 persons of Rom and non-Roma origin. All performers participated voluntarily, for free. The concert was covered by the local TV channel “Rila”.

The event raised 267 BGN from tickets and small donations.The sum will be used for purchasing schoolbooks and notebooks for the children of socially disadvantaged families from the Roma neighbourhood “Gizdova mahala”.
The voluntary contributions were estimated to 600 BGN.

10/ “IKAR” Association – town of Haskovo
Fundraising event “….about LIFE and…”

“IKAR” Association carried out a public campaign for prevention of endometrial cancer entitled “… about LIFE and…”
A fundraising bazaar was held on 18th November 2006 at the Market place. The objects put on sale were special Christmas gifts – small decorative boots given together with a coupon for free gynecological examination.
1,000 information leaflets were distributed; 123 gynecological examinations were carried out. The leaflet reached its target group also through specialized women’s press such as “Zhenata dnes”, “Journal za zhenata”, “Vestnik za zhenata”, “Zhenski sviat”. Darik Radio was the media partner for the campaign.

The event raised 424 BGN. This sum will be used for setting up a Fund for the women of Haskovo.

All print materials and media products featured information about the financial support of BFW as a donor of the event.

11/ “Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation” – city of Sofia
“For One Smile More” – Charity concert for reconstruction of Shelter for victims of domestic violence

The charity concert took place on 30th November 2006 in “Double Vision” disco club in Sofia. The concert featured the singer Silvia Katsarova, buffo “Sofia”, the folk group “Gotse Delchev” and children’s band “Atraction” – they all performed for free.
The concert was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland, representatives of UNDP, state institutions, a Deputy mayor of Sofia municipality, representatives of NGOs, and friends.
The event raised 1,600 BGN – 600 BGN from tickets /30 BGN each/ and 1,000 BGN donation from UNDP.

The voluntary contributions of the entertainers who performed for free and the work done by volunteers are estimated to 2,000 BGN.
The press conference for presenting the campaign was attended by the Mayor of Sofia Mr. Boyko Borisov and the President of BFW.

12/ “MAXIMA” Foundation – town of Haskovo
Fundraising initiative for ensuring the continuous functioning of the Centre for family support

The charity campaign was carried out in the period 15th November – 15th December 2006 and coincided with the international initiative “16 Days against Violence against Women”. .
50 posters, 500 brochures and 200 cards were printed and distributed with the aim to publicize the services of the Centre for family support. All print materials contained an appeal for financial aid.
Letters were sent out to successful companies and they were invited to join the donation campaign.
The newspapers “Novinar” and “Haskovska Maritsa” promoted the campaign appealing to their readers to support the foundation with donations to its bank account.
Unfortunately, not a single donation was made.
All print materials contained the logo of BFW and information about its financial support.

13/ “Ethnocultural Dialogue” Foundation – Sofia
“Music and Poetry for Charity”

A charity event aimed at promoting and supporting young Roma musicians took place on 20th December 2006 in the cinema hall of Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Centre in Sofia. Its motto was “Music and Poetry for Charity”. The concert featured the talented musicians of “Silver boys” Band and the young pianist Agnes Dankova; poems by Roma poets were recited and books of poems were available for sale.

The event raised 535 BGN -from invitations and donations

14/ “Support for the Roma 2000” Foundation – Sofia
Charity campaign “Roma Women Deserve”

The charity campaign entitled “Roma Women Deserve” took place on 19th December 2006 in “Opera” restaurant. The goal of this event was to assist the future functioning of the newly-registered women’s association “Development centre – Roma swallows” which will operate within the Roma neighbourhood “Hristo Botev”.
The initiative went far beyond what is a traditional charity cocktail – it was also a concert, an exhibition, a bazaar and a ball. The concert featured the Roma band “Silver boys” who played ethno – jazz brilliantly. The organization “Rozhdestvo Hristovo” organized an exhibition and bazaar of hand-made dolls and Christmas gifts.

The event raised 201 BGN from invitations. A computer and telephone were also donated, and these amount to 1,600 BGN.
Bulgarian National Radio – Hristo Botev broadcasted a report on the event and information about the activity of BFW.
“Gold” and “silver” invitations with BFW logo were distributed.

15/ “Association for Civil Initiatives” – town of Krichim
Charity Christmas evening “Happy Holidays for 18 Orphan Children from Krichim”

The charity event was held on 15th December 2006. it was attended by 86 guests – businessmen, representatives of the local institutions and NGOs, young people, and friends. A raffle was organized with prizes donated by local companies.
There was also a box for donations.
The event raised 1,245 BGN – from tickets, raffle and donations.

16/ “Association for Social, Cultural and Educational Development of Minorities in Bulgaria” – town of Shumen
” A Woman’s Heart”

A charity evening was organized for the women who participated in the vocational training courses in cooking and hair dressing funded previously by BFW. The event took place on 28th December 2006 and was attended by 41 guests.
A charity raffle was organized and its aim was to fundraise for the future activities of the association.

The event raised 220 BGN – from raffle tickets and donations.

  • The 2006 competition for small projects was entered by 16 women’s NGOs from Sofia and the country out of 23 NGOs funded by BFW in the period September 2004 – September 2006
  • The grants made by BFW amounted to 8,000 BGN

The grantees managed to raise the total amount of 11,953 BGN through their charity events – tickets, invitations, raffle tickets and donations.
The resulting 149% efficiency of the money invested should be regarded as a good outcome. The voluntary contributions of artists and actors performing for free, the free halls and technical equipment, preferential prices and voluntary work were estimated to another 5,100 BGN.

  • The grantee organizations were creative and used various fund-raising activities, such as fashion shows, charity concerts, theatre, exhibitions and bazaars, raffles, attracting media partners, and involving representatives of local institutions and businesses
  • Most of the grantees at first were unconfident and skeptical about the chances to fundraise from local sources but the results of their events were encouraging, and many of them are now planning to organize regular charity initiatives as a way of fundraising for their own needs
  • Almost all charity events attracted publicity and were covered by the local and national print and electronic media, which showed the media interest and sympathy for women’s issues and offered a chance for promoting social philanthropy throughout Bulgarian society /The charity events were covered in 23 radio shows, 13 press publications and 8 TV reports/
  • All print materials – posters, invitations, cards, and all media products featured BFW logo and mentioned BFW financial support, which successfully achieved the goal for publicizing BFW activities throughout the country
  • The grantee NGOs raised their visibility and reputation in their local communities

This cycle of the BFW Grant-making program has led to achange in the attitude of local communities to the work of NGOs and charity in general. It has also effected a change in the behaviour of the teams of grantee NGOs – they were encouraged to initiate further fundraising activities of their own; and on the other hand, a circle of potential individual and corporate local donors was formed. In the long run, these changes will lead to the strengthening and stabilization of civil society organizations.

BFW will continue to keep track of the changes in the policy of businesses towards supporting projects for social inclusion and empowerment of women and girls.

  • The practice has shown that the most productive and successful way of fundraising is through personal contacts and
  • Sending out letters and invitations by post did not lead to any good results
  • Using certain occasions, such as the international campaign “16 Days against Violence against Women” and Christmas and New Year holidays proved to be an appropriate fundraising strategy
  • NGOs working on women and girls’ rights in Bulgaria still have to make certain compromises when fundraising because the potential are still more responsive for events aimed at improving the situation of disabled people and children.

BULGARIAN FUND FOR WOMEN would like to congratulate all grantee organizations on their courage, initiative and creativity, and on the successful implementation of their charity events!
Kalinka Slivkova – Project coordinator

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