European Women’s Lobby launches campaign to put an end to prostitution

  •  June 18, 2011

‘If I had to have sex ten times a day with strangers for a living, at what point would I start to feel sick? From the beginning surely.’ So concludes the voice-over of a thought-provoking video clip launched today by the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) as part of its campaign to put an end to prostitution in Europe, which it considers a form of violence against women.

Nine out of ten women in prostitution would like to exit the system of prostitution but feel unable to do so. An international study found that 62% of women in prostitution reported having been raped, and 68% of them meet the criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the same range as victims of torture.

The campaign aims at taking concrete actions to bring about an end to societal tolerance for widespread sexual and economic exploitation of persons in prostitution, the vast majority of whom are women. ‘As far as the members of the European Women’s Lobby are concerned, the system of prostitution represents a backwater of inequality, a place where violence and oppression are thinly veiled by a distorted image of equality through commercial exchange’.

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