Results of the Open Call for Project Ideas related to Feminist Boot Camp 3

  •  June 28, 2019

In May 2019 the Bulgarian Fund for Women, with the support of the Global Fund for Women trained 10 young women on topics related to women rights, history of women’s movements, feminism and gender, discrimination and protection against it, etc. The Feminist Boot Camp format  is a part of the long-term program of BFW for empowering young women and girls, with the camp being the first, theoretical stage of the initiative, while after it ended the girls had the opportunity to practice what they’ve learnt by developing their own projects in the field of female empowerment and to compete for a grant of up to 2000. 

The following three projects were selected: 

  1. No offense but…, Manuela Popova –  online information campaign aiming to combat prejudice and fight discrimination in society based on race, gender, social/economic situation, looks, age, gender identity, sexuality, etc. 
  2. The dreams in my backpack, Laza Tsoneva – the project’s goal is to motivate 10 girls of Roma origin, between 13- 18 years old, to continue their education in a higher educational degree, and to acquire leadership skills that would assist their personal and career development. 
  3. Stara Zagora’s Women, Silvia Teofarova – the project’s idea is to promote the life and works of 12 women who had lived in Stara Zagora and have been active in different public activities, enhancing the well-being of the city in different areas – health, culture, sport, education, etc. 

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