A Joint Open Call for Projects by BFW and BCause

  •  October 11, 2019

Bulgarian Fund for Women and BCause foundation announce an open call for financial support of projects by organizations which support women victims of violence by providing shelter and judicial, psychological and social consultations, along with humanitarian and medical help. These support services should deliver security, protection and emotional healing to break the circle of violence and allow for their beneficiaries to go on with their lives. Eligible candidates are also organizations who work towards women and girls’ empowerment, gender equality, lobbying and legislative changes related to the eradication of violence against women, as well as organizations with programs on prevention and/or work with perpetrators.

The two foundations join forces by providing resources and expertise in the execution of this call to serve their strategic missions – to work towards a stronger and more sustainable nongovernmental sector, and to develop a strong female movement and social philanthropy in Bulgaria. The call’s funding is provided by the International Women’s Club, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, DSK Bank and individual donors.

The call’s total budget is 40 000 leva and it will contribute to the selected projects with up to 5000 leva in funding.

Eligible activities for funding:

  • Psychological and social consulting for women and children victims of domestic violence, mediation services with other institutions, legal counselling and representation in cases under Domestic Violence Protection Act, hotline for victims of domestic violence.
  • Mobile offices with open consultation in remote villages, so that women from rural areas can gain access to support in cases of domestic violence.
  • Medical services/care for uninsured victims of domestic violence
  • Food, including baby food, medicines, clothes, shoes, financial aid for apartment rental for women and children victims of domestic violence
  • Other direct work activities with victims of domestic violence
  • Lobbying campaigns for legislative changes in relation to the fight against domestic violence and violence against women
  • Informational and communicational campaigns for the prevention of violence against women.  

The application deadline is 10 November 2019, the execution and reporting deadline – May 2020.

For further information on the application requirements please refer to the Bulgarian version of this article or reach us at office@bgfundforwomen.org.

Image: BCause

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