Selected Candidates in the Programme for Community Development

  •  December 20, 2019

BFW’s call for participants in its community building programme was closed with 97 submitted applications from 43 places across the country. Nadejda Dermendjieva, Rada Elenkova and Mira Dobreva were BFW’s team members who conducted the selection process. The sphere of activity, the access to communities, the regional diversity, the surrounding’s context and desired outcomes were among the criteria for selection. Here is a list of selected participants:

Valentina Brunkina

Yordanka Atanasova

Rada Ezekieva

Kadria Mehmed

Ivelina Ivanova-Kadiri

Ema Eneva

Neziha Huteva

Rumyana Gargavelova

Lilia Ossoyska

Galina Gencheva

Veronika Georgieva

Tanya Ilieva

Ivelina Arabadjieva

Diko Yordanov

Denica Milusheva

Veronika Yordanova

Tanya Hristova

Veselin Giurov

Aleksandrina Ilieva

Nina Marinova

The selected candidates will undergo a two-day training on community building, which will take place in January 2020. Subsequently, they will be given the opportunity to apply with a project proposal for a grant between 1000 and 2000 BGN to bring to reality a community development initiative.

To bring the candidates down to twenty proved to be very challenging, as the causes and the profiles of all applicants were extremely diverse, meaningful and inspiring. We would like to thank everyone who applied and shared their motivation and ideas with us. BFW’s conclusion is that our country abounds of active citizens full of ideas and energy to work on a local level for social change and initiatives such as this programme can truly support their causes and bring actual change. We are very motivated to find a way to continue our efforts in this area, to continue the program and to cooperate further with all applicants.

This project is funded by the Global Fund for Community Foundations.

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