76% of Bulgarians want health and sexual education at school

  •  March 17, 2020

76% of Bulgarian citizens believe that it is important to have health and sexual education classes at school. This is indicated by data from a national representative survey conducted by the Bulgarian Research Agency Alfa Research commissioned by the Bulgarian Fund for Women. The opinion is shared by both older and younger generations, both men and women.

Good health and sexual culture is recognized as a key prerequisite for responsible and safe reproductive behavior, including prevention of unwanted pregnancy. According to the survey participants, the information provided by professionals is a much more reliable way for young people to acquire knowledge about their reproductive behavior.

The survey was conducted in the period 3-12 August 2019 among 1000 citizens (18+) among the whole country. The topic of the study is “Public Attitudes For and Against Abortion in Bulgaria”. It was held after some politicians and groups raised the issue that abortions should be banned. Such allegations come from radical far-right parties and religious groups and clearly lack public support, but it is worrying that not only ultra-conservative groups and sects are behind them, but also political parties and some government officials.

After conducting the survey, the Bulgarian Women’s Fund organized campaign “My Destiny. My Choice “, which you can see on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #My DestinyMyChoice

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