No Justice without Racial Justice

  •  July 13, 2020

We, the undersigned members of Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds, stand against all forms of discrimination and the particular ways in which anti-Black racism around the world has continued to exacerbate multiple forms of historic oppression of Black lives. In the context of COVID-19, we witness how social injustices are being aggravated, how democracies are being eroded, and how multiple forms of brutality and violence are increasingly visible. As feminist funds supporting gender justice activism around the world, we recognize that the struggle for justice, and freedom to live in dignity, is global.

As an international feminist funder network, we affirm that there is no justice without racial justice. Dismantling patriarchy, white supremacy, other race-based supremacies, imperialism, and colonialism around the globe are critical in achieving transformational change. This also means that we must disrupt unequal power structures in order to dismantle them, particularly within our own, and all, philanthropic organizations.

As part of the feminist funding ecosystem, we are both inspired and challenged by movements for Black Lives around the globe calling us to examine philanthropy’s origins, its power structures, and its continued role and privilege in perpetuating these. We join social movements everywhere demanding structural change to end racial exploitation, violence, discrimination, and supremacies.

As women’s funds resourcing activists, groups, and organizations in 173 countries, we commit to:

  1. Create intentional processes to examine and challenge our own power and privilege as individuals, organizations, and within our network, to confront our racial biases and practices so that we can be actively anti-racist and coherent with our values of justice.
  2. Continue our work to drive greater resources into the hands of girls, women, trans* and gender non-conforming people taking action within their contexts against all forms of racism, oppression, and discrimination around the globe calling for justice.
  3. Implement strategies for resource mobilization and allocation that are founded on anti-racism and that challenge systemic racist, imperialist, and supremacist power structures.

As a global network, a diversity of experiences have built our understanding of racial discrimination. We acknowledge there are many ways in which colonialism, racism, and racial supremacy manifest in different locations and are based on historical contexts. We have seen first-hand how movements and people power can ignite change against racism in every country in the world and we stand with Black peoples’ movements for justice everywhere.

We call on all other funders in the ecosystem for gender equality and women’s human rights to:

  •  Listen to, take the lead from, and increase financial resources to support social movements currently working to disrupt, dismantle, and end racism and white and other supremacist practices.
  • Drive more and better resources for the long term into the hands of girls, women, trans* and gender non-conforming people facing racial discrimination and organizations that are engaging in anti-racist struggles around the world.
  •  Work on our individual and collective relationships, to acknowledge and challenge the unequal power dynamics and situations of privilege that lead to dominant culture thinking and action; take actions to choose anti-racists practices and hold each other accountable for meeting them.

African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF)

Astraea – Lesbian Foundation for Justice

Apthapi-Jopueti – Fondo de Mujeres Bolivia

Bulgarian Fund for Women

Calala – Fondo de Mujeres- Spain

ELAS Fundo de Investimento Social- Brazil

Equality Fund- Canada

filia die frauenstiftung- Germany

Fondo Alquimia- Chile

Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM)

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur- Argentina

Fondo Lunaria Mujer- Colombia

Fondo Semillas- Mexico

Fonds Pour Les Femmes Congolaises (FFC)

FIMI – International Indigenous Women’s Forum

Global Fund for Women

Her Fund- Hong Kong

International Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian Women’s Fund”

Korean Foundation for Women

Mediterranean Women’s Fund

Mones – Mongolian Women’s Fund

Reconstruction Women’s Fund- Serbia

TEWA- Nepal

Urgent Action Fund – Africa

Urgent Action Fund – Latin America and the Caribbean

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Rights

Women First International Fund

Women’s Fund Armenia

Women’s Fund Asia

Women Fund Tanzania

Women Win

Xoese, the Francophone Women’s Fund

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