BFW received 44 applications in the Girls and Young Women empowerment contest

  •  September 18, 2020

42 civic organizations from 14 towns and villages in Bulgaria applied with 44 projects for funding in the contest of Bulgarian Fund for Women to support projects aimed at empowering girls and young women. The places where the organizations envisage to implement their projects include small and large cities, as well as villages, including: Gabrovo, Haskovo, Isperih, Kazanlak, Karlovo, Kurtovo, Novi Pazar, Opaka, Pernik, Plovdiv, Ruse, Smolyan, Sofia and Varna.

The organizations whose projects have been received are:

Association “For you” – Varna

Association “Parent – Child” – Varna

Association “Young, active, creative” – Kurtovo

Association “Hayachi” – Novi Pazar

Association “Beautiful Tomorrow” – Opaka

Association “Femini” – Pernik

Association “Mutual Aid” – Pernik

Association for Career Development and Training (AKRO) – Plovdiv

Association Zornitsa – Isperih

Association “Women of Kazanlak” – Kazanlak

Association “Youth and civic initiatives in the Rose Valley” – Karlovo

Association “Plovdiv Civic Club” – Plovdiv

Association “Startup Factory” – Ruse

Association “Inspire Bulgaria” – Sofia

Association “VIA CIVIC” – Sofia, project one

Association “VIA CIVIC”- Sofia – project two

Association “Youth Organization of Deaf Activists” – Sofia

Association “National Alliance for Development” – Sofia

Association “Orion Grid” – Sofia, project one

Association “Orion Grid” – Sofia, project two

Association “Kibela” – Haskovo

Association “Synergy Bulgaria” – Sofia

Arte Urbana Collective – Sofia

Bilitis Resource Center – Sofia

Bulgarian Society for Group Analysis and Group Processes (BOGAGP) – Sofia

Flower Theater – Sofia

Foundation “Benefactor” – Sofia

Foundation “Dignita” – Sofia

Foundation “Nox Theater” – Sofia

Foundation “No blink in front of the Bulgarian cinema!” – Sofia

Foundation WINGED – Sofia

Foundation Blue Cube – Sofia

Foundation Fig – Sofia

Foundation Technologies with a Cause (in the process of renaming “Humans in the Loop”) – Sofia

Gender Alternatives Foundation – Plovdiv

Glocal Change Forum – Gabrovo

Institute for Peace Studies – Plovdiv

Stoyana Krastanova Foundation – Plovdiv

Women’s Club “Rodopchanka” – Smolyan

Youth Organization of the Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria (MOSGB) – Sofia

The evaluation of the projects will be done by the team of Bulgarian Fund for Women and external experts, who will be announced together with the results of the competition.

The evaluation criteria include:

Administrative compliance with the requirements of the competition – completed Application Form (in Word) and Budget Form (in Excel), according to the requirements of the BFW; attached signed and stamped Declaration of Reliability and Declaration of No Double Funding.

Capacity and/or potential for project implementation (applications of newly registered organizations are encouraged).

Coherence between the project objectives, planned activities and their compliance with the thematic requirements of the competition.

Realism of the set goals and expected results.

Realistic budget and balance between administrative and implementation costs.

In the evaluation, priority will be given to:

Feminist organizations;

Organizations working in the field of women’s rights, the empowerment of women and girls and the fight against gender-based violence;

Organizations working to empower and overcome multiple discrimination and/or marginalization of vulnerable groups of women (LGBTI, Roma, people with disabilities, single mothers, etc.);

Organizations run by women or with over 75% women in leadership positions and decision-making positions working for human rights;

Organizations whose activity is carried out outside Sofia;

Newly established feminist groups and organizations whose activity has been carried out for less than a year;

Organizations with an annual budget of less than BGN 50,000.

Additional evaluation points will be given to:

Project proposals that will be implemented by several organizations in partnership;

Project proposals that will be implemented by non-for-profit organizations in partnership with an unregistered group/team;

Project proposals based on an intersectional approach / cross-cutting of social inequalities;

Project proposals that address the needs of vulnerable groups (groups of women subjected to multiple discrimination and / or marginalization).

The Bulgarian Fund for Women will not provide individual feedback to the applicant organizations. The results of the competition will be announced by the end of the day on September 21, 2018.

The competition is held with the support of the Global Fund for Women, Mama Cash, filia die frauenstiftung, Dove Bulgaria and funds raised by individual donors.

Additional information:

All approved organizations will sign a Funding Agreement with the Bulgarian Fund for Women, and after the completion of the projects, by the end of April 2021, the organizations have to send a narrative and financial report according to instructions, which they will receive in advance from the BFW.

The support of the Bulgarian Fund for Women has to be presented in all communication activities and materials of the project, according to the terms of the Funding Agreement.

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