BFW offers free online counselling for victims of domestic violence

  •  October 19, 2020

Bulgarian Fund for Women offers the opportunity for individual free online counseling sessions for people, victims of domestic violence. The initiative is part of the project “National Information Campaign for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Support Services”, funded by Ministry of Justice. The project is implemented in the period from June to the end of October 2020.

You can still sign up for one of the individual online consultations with psychologist or lawyer, completely free of charge, at a time convenient for you. In order to do this, you need to fill this short ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM (in Bulgarian).

The program includes three components: 1) psycho-social individual counselling; 2) Legal individual counseling; 3) specialized counseling for adults who have problem with the use of domestic violence and dealing with anger issues. The consultations are conducted entirely online and in complete confidentiality.

The program is realized in the period from August to October 2020, in online medium and aims to reach out to people who are indecisive whether to consult face-in-face with specialists, live in small or remote towns or villages where there is no institutional support and/ or do not have access to experts.

Domestic violence is a widespread problem in Bulgaria, which mainly affects women and children. It is present in many forms and manifestations, but the common thing is that it is associated with relationships, based on power and control. Domestic violence survivors often struggle to protect themselves, since there are issues like lack of professional help and support, social apathy and silence about the extent of the problem. That is why, in order to meet the need for professional help (both legal and psychological), the Bulgarian Fund for Women implements this project with the support of Ministry of Justice.

In addition to the individual consultations, the program also includes a series of webinars entitled “Love Errors”, in which recognized experts with years of experience talk about the different forms of violence, how it can be identified, how to protect ourselves, how to end a relationship based on violence and control and other topics. During the online events, participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the specialists and receive support and further information.

You can check the recorded webinars (in Bulgarian) on the website of BFW and on the page

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