The BFW Annual Report for 2020: More than 186,070 Direct Beneficiaries and 98 Direct Grants

  •  September 1, 2021

Bulgarian Fund for Women provides funds, organizational support and opportunities for building partnerships and networks, uniting local groups, activists and organizations to progress women’s rights, combat social injustice and achieve gender equality. 

The funds we raise are invested directly in the activities of small civil society organizations throughout the country. In some cases, we are the first, main and sometimes the only source of support for initiatives launched and led by women, girls and trans* people. We act quickly and our application procedures are both rigorous and accessible, thus ensuring that newly formed civil society organizations/collectives can benefit from equitable funding. 

In 2020, we announced the first open call for funding organizational and administrative needs of organizations working for women’s rights in order to improve their financial sustainability, capacity, planning skills and measuring the impact of their activities. That is why we prioritize long-term and flexible funding and support the building of a movement of strong women’s groups and organizations to make change possible. 

In 2020, we continued our work in four main areas: 

  • providing financial support to organizations, teams and activists; 
  • fundraising; 
  • advocacy; 
  • increasing the sensitivity of the society on topics related to gender (in)equality.  

The Fund continued to pursue its thematic priorities: 

  • overcoming gender-based violence; 
  • political and economic empowerment of girls and women; 
  • support and empowerment of groups of women subjected to multiple discrimination and marginalization; 
  • increasing the capacity of young people to overcome gender stereotypes.  

We implemented several online events and campaigns, for the first time we provided long-term administrative support to five organizations, we reported a significant increase in the funding we provide, as well as the number of beneficiaries. 

Bulgarian Fund for Women supports and addresses the needs of activists, collectives and civil society organizations in Bulgaria working for women’s rights and for achieving gender equality. We support our community financially and through capacity building, building bridges between different movements and creating spaces for debate and unification to overcome structural inequalities together. 

We envision that all women and girls live in a just and equal world where their voices are heard, and their choices are respected.  

Our mission is to develop the women’s movement in Bulgaria and to promote philanthropy for women’s rights as a tool for achieving social change.  

Our values are solidarity, accountability, diversity, self and collective care, fearlessness, responsiveness, and celebration of women’s victories and their rights.  

Read our full report for 2020 here

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