Empowering Diversity: The MyPath Program Unveiled at BFW’s Multiplier Event

  •  September 19, 2023


On September 18, an impactful event unfolded in Bulgaria, organized by the Bulgarian Fund for Women. This event aimed to showcase the MyPath program, a collaborative initiative with a consortium working towards empowering women and promoting cultural diversity. The event targeted decision-makers and stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, emphasizing the practicality and relevance of the project. 

MyPath Program Overview: 

The core focus of the event was the MyPath program, presented by the partnering consortium. Attendees gained insights into the conceptual framework, the kit produced, and the consortium’s achievements. The program’s structure, purpose, and impact were highlighted, underscoring its comprehensive, interactive, and innovative nature. 

Innovative Elements: 

The MyPath program stands out for its incorporation of gamified elements and experiential learning. This approach not only engages participants but also enhances the effectiveness of the learning experience. The event emphasized the uniqueness of the program, offering a new way to approach skill-building and empowerment. 

Practicality and Relevance: 

The event stressed the high practicality and relevance of the MyPath program, showcasing mentoring sessions and role model practices. By targeting decision-makers and stakeholders in the public and private sectors, the initiative aimed to demonstrate how embracing cultural diversity can become a competitive advantage for companies. 

Aim of the Event: 

The primary goal of the event was to bring the project’s results and the new curriculum definition into local policies. Additionally, the event aimed to enlighten the private sector and company executives on leveraging cultural diversity for their competitive advantage. Through this, the partnering country sought to enhance the project’s international awareness, involve local decision-makers, and foster new cooperation fields. 

Evaluation and Longevity: 

To ensure the effectiveness and longevity of the project, the event incorporated an evaluation mechanism. Participants had the opportunity to provide feedback through anonymous questionnaires, assessing the applicability of methods, validity of results, and appropriateness of the structure. This evaluation extended to the event itself, considering the effectiveness of presentations, materials, tools, satisfaction levels, and overall efficiency as a dissemination channel. 

Networking and Sustainability: 

With a provision for 30 participants and the expectation that each would reach out to another 10, the event created a robust networking opportunity. Beyond the event’s duration, the open access to the project’s intellectual outputs and ongoing networking opportunities aimed to foster longevity and sustainability, generating new ecosystems that could make a difference at both private and public levels. 


The Bulgarian Fund for Women’s Multiplier Event served as a platform to unveil the MyPath program’s achievements, emphasizing its unique features and practical applications. By targeting decision-makers and stakeholders, the event aimed to bring about positive changes at the local level and promote the international awareness and sustainability of this empowering initiative. 

This project was funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein. 


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