During the past more than 15 years, BFW has developed considerable knowledge and capacity on women’s issues providing financial and methodological support for local projects and initiatives. The main principle that BFW has always followed in its work is the profound and thorough evaluation of women’s NGOs needs. Through this systematic and evaluative approach concrete local issues were defined and solved.  During the years this sociological by nature approach, has proved effective, because the analysis and the detailed knowledge of social processes are the key for achieving long-lasting results.

Direct grant making

Bulgarian Fund for Women supports financially NGO’s projects on the following topics:

  • Violence against women in all of its forms
  • Economic independence of women – overcoming poverty and unemployment
  • Encouraging women for active participation in the social and political life of the country and to occupy executive positions
  • Achieve equal opportunities for groups of disadvantaged women
  • Protecting the rights of women with different sexual orientation
  • Building leadership skills in young girls
  • Ensuring healthy living conditions as an integral part of human rights.


One of the main components of Bulgarian Fund for Women’s work is helping the building and development of the capacity of the Bulgarian NGOs that are working on women’s issues. We are working for the development of the people in the NGO sector, because the most precious resource we can use in the realization of an idea are their skills.

Bulgarian Fund for Women organizes trainings for all NGOs, while focusing on their specific needs. In this way we raise the organizations’ effectiveness. The different NGO’s teams develop their knowledge and skills in the direction they have pointed as a key one, based on their previous experiences.

Success Stories

Read more about Success Stories of our grantees.


Albena Baeva about her participation in the Fund for Art Projects by Women Artists

Albena Baeva works within the intersection of art, technology and social sciences. Her interactive art installations for urban spaces and galleries use machine learning and artific


The Wonderful Garden trains and hires women with intellectual difficulties

“Nikolay Chudotvorets” Foundation’s social enterprise called “The Wonderful Garden” trains and hires women with intellectual difficulties with BFW’s financial support w


About the importance of operational support (core funding)

“Ekaterina Karavelova” Foundation is among the first organisations that BFW supported with funding for organizational and administrative expenses (the so-called core funding) b


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