About the importance of operational support (core funding)

“Ekaterina Karavelova” Foundation is among the first organisations that BFW supported with funding for organizational and administrative expenses (the so-called core funding) back in 2020. BFW remains the only Fund in Bulgaria that provides this type of long-term support (up to 3 years) that aims to improve the sustainability, flexibility, ability to plan strategically and measure the impact of the civil society organisations as well as their ability to focus entirely on accomplishing their mission.

“Long-term strategic planning which is based not only on values and desired social effect but also on the capacity of the people in the team, is very important. Our organisation grew naturally from voluntary activities across the country to the need to work on advocacy and policies for equality through publishing reports, statements, and participating in institutional working groups. Thanks to BFW’s support we can work consistently for policies for equality through advocacy activities.” – shared Marina Kisyova de Heus, Executive Director of “Ekaterina Karavelova” Foundation.


Photo source: Marina Kisyova de Heus.

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