Albena Baeva about her participation in the Fund for Art Projects by Women Artists

Albena Baeva works within the intersection of art, technology and social sciences. Her interactive art installations for urban spaces and galleries use machine learning and artificial intelligence, new technologies, creative programming and DIY practices.

In 2019 she participated in BFW’s first edition of the Fund for Art Projects by Women Artists with the series “Dangerous Female Creatures, Living in the Deep”.

“The Fund provided me with the time I needed in order to deepen my research on artificial intelligence which I started in 2019. The work I created then helped me win a place in various international forums on artificial intelligence and new technologies such as the MUTEK Montral AI Art Lab and the Goethe Institute’s EthicAI= Lab, where I learned many new things and created new partnerships and projects. Additionally, the painting series “Dangerous Female Creatures Living In the Deep” is now also a part of the Art collection Telekom of Deutche Telekom.

The support of the Fund for Art Projects by Women Artists came at the end of my maternity leave and gave me the push I needed in order to jump over the vacuum that often accompanies such a hiatus in the artistic scene. – shares Albena Baeva. Learn more from her full interview here.

More information about this year’s edition of the Fund for Art Projects by Women Artists “State of Emergency” can be found here. If you wish to donate to the realization of the initiative, contact us at

Photo source: Albena Baeva. 

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