The Wonderful Garden trains and hires women with intellectual difficulties

“Nikolay Chudotvorets” Foundation’s social enterprise called “The Wonderful Garden” trains and hires women with intellectual difficulties with BFW’s financial support within the “Feminism in Action” open call that took place in 2021-2022. According to the executive director of the Foundation Maria Metodieva the enterprise is inspiring as much as a widely applicable model for supported employment. For those working there, it is a reason to dream more confidently and make their own decisions about the future, and for the citizens of Dobrich – a good example of the huge, although often unused, potential contribution by people with different abilities.

“Work is everything: self-esteem, purpose, friendship. And the fruits of one’s labor in the garden are quite tangible for the residents of Dobrich, who often shop there, and not out of pity, but because they are looking to get some of “the tastiest tomatoes and beautiful flowers”” – shares Maria Metodieva.

Among the workers there is Eli Marinova as well – one of the seven people in Bulgaria who overturned legal guardianship. In addition to the efforts she dedicates to the “Wonderful Garden”, Eli took part in BFW’s Feminist Boot Camp in 2021 when she applied for funding and realized her initiative. She gave 14 girls and women from the Sheltered House in Dobrich the rare opportunity to learn about their rights and gain confidence through activities taking place far outside their usual environment – from sports to evenings at the theatre. Read Eli’s inspiring full story here.

Photo source: Eli Marinova. 

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