Take part in ‘Circus! My different family’

  •  October 5, 2015

Sofia Queer Forum 2015 invites you to take part in the initiative ‘Circus! My different family’ with a text, drawing, video, painting, objects, photos, sound or any other means of expressions. The project is not strictly dedicated to professionals but to all others who would like to express themselves.

Is there something you think it’s weird, quirky or peculiar in your understandings and experiences of the social construct and ideal of a family? Do you dream of something different than what you have? Do you want to tell a memory, story or just express your way of thinking? Share what differs your family or your opinions from the rest through text, drawing or any other means. Send your materials, questions and/or suggestions to circus.sqf@gmail.com.

All received materials without exceptions will be shown in an exhibition at Sofia Queer Forum 2015. The exhibition is scheduled for December 2015, and the deadline for submitting the materials is 08 November 2015. The project will be accompanied by series of discussions and debates. Its goal is to present opportunities for public representation and visual participation of groups of people who do not generally have access to self-expression through culture – different minorities, including sexual, ethnic, etc.

Circus? – Yes, circus indeed, because it is a place where anything is possible: differences, oddities, (super)natural abilities and characteristics. Inspired by the circus, the platform ‘Circus! My different family’ aims to provide such a place for sharing and expression of the possible differences that complete, change or go beyond the social norm of the idea what a family should be like: what is it that differs us from the rest and which we ourselves think differentiate us from them, is the project’s leading question.

Bulgarian Fund for Women is a partner of the initiative.

Sofia Queer Forum is initiated by artist Boryana Rossa and philosopher Stanimir Panayotov and this will be the third time it’s been conducted as a project of Collective Public Interventions (Social Centre “Haspel”). The moto of the 2015 forum is “Sweet union” and it is family-related. Vladiya Mihaylova is the edition’s curator and anthropologist Stefan Krastev also works with the project ‘Circus! My different family’.

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