Who We Are

Bulgarian Fund for Women is the only indigenous donor in Bulgaria that raises funds and gives grants to local NGOs working to advance women’s and girls’ rights, eliminate gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and discrimination, achieve gender equality in all spheres of life and make a social change.

About Us

We support and empower local NGOs working on gender issues and empower girls and women by involving them in our network and making them active participants and drivers of the social change.

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Our People

For the realization of the mission of BFW works a team, motivated and united by the common cause to ensure equal opportunities for everyone. We, in BFW, believe that each individual person is a driver of social change and we welcome the unique and diverse ideas of everyone of us.

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Our Supporters

Individual donors, business companies and other organizations are among our supporters, which help us to change the lives of thousands of women in Bulgaria.

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What We Do

During the past more than 15 years, BFW has developed considerable knowledge and capacity on women’s issues providing financial and methodological support for local projects and initiatives. The main principle that BFW has always followed in its work is the profound and thorough evaluation of women’s NGOs needs. Through this systematic and evaluative approach concrete local issues were defined and solved.

Grantmaking and Support

Bulgarian Fund for Women supports financially NGO’s projects on the following topics: violence against women in all of its forms; economic independence of women – overcoming poverty and unemployment; encouraging women for active participation in the social and political life of the country; achieve equal opportunities for groups of disadvantaged women; protecting the rights of women with different sexual orientation, etc.

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Bulgarian Fund for Women raises funds from local and foreign donors through various initiatives. Thus, we support the development of a donation culture and a new vision of philanthropy as a tool for social change. Raised funds are invested directly in the activities of small NGOs across the country. We contribute to the development of a civil society in Bulgaria as a prerequisite for the irreversibility of the democratic process.

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Grants, Programs, Initiatives

Bulgarian Fund for Women is working for the development of the women’s movement and individual philanthropy in Bulgaria. Our thematic priorities are the following: political and economic empowerment of women and girls; eliminating violence against women; working with children and young people to overcome gender stereotypes; empowering groups of women who suffer from multiple discrimination.

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our causes

A Chance for the Invisible Super Moms

Do you know that single parenting is become increasingly big problem and affects more and more people? Do you know that single parents in the EU are 1 ...

EUR0.0 EUR5600 EUR10000

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Fund for Art Projects by Female Artists

We seek your support to raise 15 000 BGN. Help us make the voices of female artists heard! ...

EUR0.0 EUR600 EUR7500

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#RanoMiE: Gender Equality Youth Clubs

BFW relaunches its “Youth Programme” to highlight the importance of gender perspective in solving young people’s issues and to promote active ci ...

EUR0.0 EUR3250 EUR7500

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Protection and comfort to women and children victims of violence

Imagine a war in which victims are held as prisoners in their homes, harassed, beaten and abused every day for more than 10 years. ...

EUR0.0 EUR4300 EUR9000

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Success Stories


Youngsters fight domestic violence with knowledge

30 women from three pilot counties – Kalofer, Gorni Domlyan, Kurtovo, took part in a training on awareness raising for women in smaller towns towards human rights, gender equalit


Women in Bulgarian History

The digital exhibition “Women, women’s organizations and places of collective memory” by the Association of Women in University, placed in front of the National Theatre and t


Women’s movement in Antonovo

At a meeting of the Municipal Council of Antonovo, held on August 27th, 2015, Chairman of the Council, Mr Hajredin Mehmedov introduced a draft of a Programme for the development of


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