Find Out Who Are the Selected Participants in BFW Equality & Climate Justice Program

  •  March 28, 2022

BFW is happy to announce that we have received 34 applications from 23 cities and villages across the country for our Equality and Climate Justice Program.

All applications were carefully reviewed by a jury composed of members of the BFW team – Aleh Stankova (Project Manager), Dobromira Terpesheva (Project Manager), Zara Rancheva (MEL Officer) and Rosena Ivanova (Office Manager). The main evaluation criteria included whether they belong to an active community and a community directly affected by climate change, their geographical location, their motivation for participation, their interest in women’s participation in climate justice activities, realistic deadlines for execution.

List of selected participants:

  • Tsvetelina Minkova
  • Yanitsa Ivanova
  • Sofia Kostadinova-Ilkova
  • Ivanka Stankova
  • Maya Kondova
  • Iva Stanisheva
  • Margarita Simeonova
  • Andreana Doneva
  • Nezikha Huteva
  • Denitza Stefanova
  • Antoaneta Ivanova
  • Dejana Mladenova
  • Irina Ivanova
  • Emanuela Yakimova
  • Maria Georgieva
  • Joanna Dahabre
  • Polina Stoynova
  • Tanyo Pavlov
  • Bozhana Slavkova
  • Tsvetina Zaharlieva

In April all participants will take part in a three-day training in the city of Plovdiv. All anti-epidemic measures related to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 will be taken into account. After the training, the participants will have the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to BGN 2,000 and implemented a project of their own.

The selection process was challenging as we received many diverse and interesting applications. We would like to thank everyone who took the time and energy to share their motivation and ideas with us. It is encouraging that there is such a strong interest in the topics of climate change and equality and that there are so many active citizens and communities who are inspired to work on a local level. We are happy that the Equality and Climate Justice Program offers opportunities to support key causes and make a real difference.

We at BFW continue to seek ideas, opportunities to collaborate with our applicants and ways to further develop the program to make it as relevant and useful as possible for those involved.

The program is supported by Urgent Action Fund.

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