BFW received 112 project ideas in the „8 of March“ Contest dedicated to the International Women’s Day

  •  February 5, 2021

The Bulgarian Fund for Women received 112 project ideas from 46 towns and villages, submitted by 59 non-profit organizations, 12 informal collectives and 41 individuals in the “8 of March” Contest, dedicated to the International Women’s Day.

The contest was looking for the boldest ideas to celebrate women’s contributions in political, economic, scientific and cultural terms . The places from which concepts were submitted by organizations, informal groups and activists include small and big towns as well as villages.

The candidates who submitted concepts are the following:

1            Aiten Nedjibova, Razgrad

2            AC “Maggie Hristova”, Sofia

3            Aleksandra Yordanova, Sofia

4            Alena Drbohlavova, Stara Zagora

5            Anita Danova, Village Izgrev, Suvorovo

6            Assya Assenova, Gergana Hristova, Venice, Italy

7            Boyana Topchiiska, Sofia

8            Bulgarian Association of the university women (BAUW), Sofia

9            Bulgarian Plateform- European women lobby, Marinka, Burgas  

10          Ventsislava Stoyanova (and unregistered group)

11         Galina Viktorovna Gencheva, village Atiq, Sozopol, Burgas

12          Daniela Yanakieva, Suvorovo, Varna

13          DobroTvorcite from Burgas, Burgas

14         D-r Galq Petrova, Sofia

15         United Nations Society in Bulgaria, Sofia

16         Elina Boeva, “Our Turn” (Nash Red)

17         WomenSurvivors, Sofia

18          Zarina Vasileva, Sofia

19          Zina Nacheva, Sofia

20          Ivanichka Ivanova- Busten, Sofia

21         Ilina Mutafchieva, Sofia

22          Initiative BG/ Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Civic Initiatives (BAPCI), Burgas

23          Yordanka Atanasova, village of Nikyup, municipality Veliko Tarnovo

24          Irina Lyuckanova, Sofia

25          Club of the Women “Rodopchanka“, Smolyan

26         “Still a woman” Collective, Plovdiv

27         Kristina Stoyanova, Burgas

28          Lions Club Pleven Mirror, Pleven

29          LevFem with fiscal agent association “The Fridge”

30          Lidiya Hristova, village of Izgrev, municipality Varna

31           Maya Antova, Sofia

32          Mama Nindja, Sofia

33          Margarita Drumeva, Sofia

34          Marginalia, Bankya

35          Maria Arnaudova, Burgas

36          Maria Minkova, Sofia

37          Maria Toneva, Kardjali

38          Maya Georgieva, village of Izgrev, municipality Suvorovo, Varna region

39          Monika Kulcheva, Pazardjik

40          Community Center “P.K. Yavorov- 1920”, Sofia

41          Community Center “Napredak- 1869”             

42         Community Center “Otets Paisii 1901″, Ezerets village, Shabla municipality, Dobrich district

43          Natalya Nikolova, Varna

44          National Association for Unity and Partnership, Plovdiv

45          Informal collective, supported by Yana Tour EOOD, Sofia

46          Informal group of women refugees in Harmanli, Harmanli

47         “Prosveta-1908” Community Center, Madara Village             

48          Gradina-Varbitsa Community Center 1894, Varbitsa village, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality

49          Preslava Mehterova, Panagyurishte

53          Ralitsa Stoyanova, Sofia

54          Ralitsa Tsvetkova, Sofia

55          Rhodope Fund for Women “Poprelki”, Chepintsi village, Rudozem municipality

56         Rumyana Georgieva-Ilieva, village of Kubratovo

57          ”Self-published”, Sofia

58          Svetla Madjarova, Haskovo, Haskovo municipality

59          “Opportunities without Borders” Association, Sofia

60          Women’s Motorcyclists Empowered Bulgaria, village of Jiten

61          “Together for Success” Association, Barakovo

62          Health Without Borders Association, Sofia

63           “Knowledge” Association, Lovech

64          “Multi Act” Association, Ruse

65          Association ”Unity”, Harmanli

66         Alternative Space Association, Varna

67         Saffo-Bulgaria Association, Sofia

68       “We 2020” Association, Dobrich

69       “Sun Tribe” Public Benefit Association, Burgas

70       NGO Association “Knowledge for Success”, Haskovo

71       Non-profit Association “Women of Kazanlak”, Kazanlak

72       Non-profit Association “European Initiatives Club – IDEA”, Yambol

73       “Laboratory for Art and Culture” Association, Sofia

74        “Center for strategies on minorities problems’ “ Association, Varna

75         “Elite” Association, Veliko Tarnovo

76          “NAME Association”, Sofia

77         Association for Support of Persons with Mental Disabilities, Varna

78        Silvia Metodieva, Sofia

79        Snezhana Pavlova, Plovdiv

80        NGO “Association for Contemporary Art and Culture – The Different View” Stara Zagora

81        NGO “DIABETES – KUBRAT”, Kubrat

82       NGO “Youth and Civic Initiatives in the Rose Valley”, Karlovo

83       NGO “Young, active, creative”, village of Kurtovo, municipality Karlovo

84          NGO Yacht Club “Chernomorets Burgas”, Burgas

85          CaritArt Social Workshops at the Caritas Sofia Association, Sofia

86          Stanimira Deleva, Burgas

87          Tanya Vasileva, Montana

88         Tanya Yordanova, Plovdiv

89         Teodora Stamenova, Berkovitsa

90         Feminist mobilizations, with a partner organization Bilitis Resource Center Foundation, Sofia

91        “Gender Alternatives” Foundation, Plovdiv

92        “Bulgarian Mothers’ Movement” Foundation, Sofia

93         “Zornitsa” Foundation – Center for the Arts, Sofia

94        “Positive TV” Foundation, Veliko Tarnovo

95       “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker”, Dobrich

96        “Solidarity in Action” Foundation, Sofia

97        “Social Future” Foundation, Sofia

98        “Empathy” Foundation, Varna

99         “For Healthier Children” Foundation, Sofia

100       “Community to Help Addicts Foundation” , Gabrovo

101         “Academy for Recycling Art” Foundation, Varna

102         “Ethnography and Future” Foundation, Sofia

103         “Causes” Foundation, Sofia

104          “Three” Foundation, Sofia

105         “Horce” Foundation, Plovdiv

106         Hospice “Symbol of Hope”, Gotse Delchev

107        Tsvetelina Dimitrova, Sofia

108       “Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov-1903” Community Center, village of Byaga, Pazardzhik district, Bratsigovo municipality

109        Juliana Tekova, Not specified

110        “Ex Nihilo”, Sofia

111       Female Entrepreneurship Bulgaria (FEB), Sofia

112       Nihon Tomono Kai – Friends of Japan in Bulgaria Club, Sofia

The ranking and evaluation of the projects will be done by the team of the Bulgarian Fund for Women.

The evaluation criteria include:

  • Link of the project idea with the International Women’s Day as a day that celebrates the political, economic, scientific and cultural achievements of women in the past, present and / or future;
  • Bold and original approaches in the activities of the project idea;
  • Good knowledge of women’s discourse and / or clear addressing of existing problems in women’s communities;
  • Realism of the set goals and expected results;
  • Realistic budget and balance between administrative costs and costs of implementing the activities.

During the assessment process, priority will be given to:

  • Project ideas, relying on an intersectional approach / intersection of social inequalities;
  • Project ideas that include or address the needs of vulnerable groups of women (subjects to multiple discrimination and / or marginalization);
  • Project ideas that are implemented outside Sofia.

The Bulgarian Fund for Women will not provide individual feedback and/or motives for refusing funding to applicants. Please, if you do not see your name or that of your organization in the list of applicants, but you have filled in a concept form in the competition, contact us on the following email:

Due to the large number of applications received, BFW will announce the results of the competition on February 12, 2021.

We would like to thank all of the candidates who submitted their creative ideas in the “8 of March” Contest!

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