2019 Report on Women’s Rights in Bulgaria

  •  October 28, 2019

“2019 Report on Women’s Rights in Bulgaria” is a summary of the work sessions held during the 2019 Women’s Rights Forum on April, 2019, organized by the Bulgarian Fund for Women with the financial support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bulgaria. This document provides a snapshot of the current state of affairs of the CSO sector in Bulgaria which works on women’s rights and gender equality. The report presents an insight on the key issues and general social trends affecting the development of these topics within the larger political and social context, and points out specific needs for advocacy and lobbying for women’s and girls’ rights and gender equality in Bulgaria.

The Forum was attended by 30 representatives from 27 organizations from around the country. The aim of the event, in line with continuing work of the BFW in 2018 on establishing and ensuring gender equality as invariable value of democratic societies, was to research the needs of the organizations working in the field of women’s rights and gender equality in Bulgaria, to encourage the cooperation between their representatives, as well as their work with political agents, and to increase the latter’s sensitivity and engagement in on terms of topics such as women’s rights and gender equality.

The event’s program aimed to intertwine interactive discussions with experiential methods and to create an environment where the participants could share experience and exchange information about the on-field challenges they work with in the local communities they represent. Specific time was allocated to assessing the problems and needs of girls and women in Bulgaria, of their CSOs, as well as for identifying concrete fields requiring systematic advocacy and lobbying efforts. This report summarizes the ideas of the women’s CSOs representatives on the four main analytical topics of the event: women’s issues (18+), girls’ issues (12-18) problems women’s CSOs encounter, and main target groups.

The present publication is carried out within the project “2019 Women’s Rights Forum” supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Office Bulgaria. Download the report from HERE.

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