Apply for BFW Equality and Climate Justice Community Program 2022

  •  February 16, 2022

To ensure the participation of people from local communities and the protection of the planet, BFW announces a call for participants for the second year of the Equity and Climate Justice Community Program.

The program aims to stimulate civic engagement in Earth conservation, increase participants’ knowledge about the intersections between (in)equality and climate (in)justice, and engage local communities and activists to address the issue. We focus on working with local communities at the grassroots level on topics such as air pollution, recycling, climate refugees, deforestation, water pollution, environmental racism, and women’s participation in policymaking on conservation and curbing climate change because we believe that communities are the drivers of social change aimed at protecting the environment. Here you can read more about the first edition of the program and the green initiatives of the participants.

The BFW program consists of two parts, theoretical and practical, and in the first stage, participants will undergo training led by international and national experts. It is aimed at developing knowledge on the intersections between gender equality and climate justice. This also includes community building, organizing and mobilization skills. In the second stage, participants will have the opportunity to apply for financial support from BFW to activate their communities and together implement awareness-raising, monitoring, advocacy or participatory initiatives to engage their communities in local and national decision-making processes on issues related to gender equality and climate justice.

To get involved in the BFW program, apply to participate in a three-day training on building and organizing communities of equality and climate justice. It will take place April 12-14, 2022 (dates to be further confirmed with approved participants and tailored to the situation around Covid-19).

During the event, we will discuss issues such as: what are the intersections between (in)equality, gender and climate change, how do we unite around socially relevant climate causes, how to translate civic energy into concrete action, how to promote our ideas to like-minded people successfully, how and where to look for partners and touchpoints, why communities and community organizing are important.

Who can join the training?

The training and program are open to anyone over 16 who feels like a part of a particular community that is affected by climate change or working to address it. No formal affiliation with a civil society organization and no previous experience is required. We understand community as being part of a larger group that goes beyond the family and that brings people together by place, time, interest or another characteristic. The community has shared values, its members are unified, and the sense of group belonging is strong. It will not matter whether those wishing to join represent ‘small’ or ‘large’ communities.

Preference will be given to applicants with initiatives that prioritize activities to support and empower women to fight for climate justice.

What will you gain from participating in the program?

  • The most up-to-date practical and theoretical knowledge on how to effectively create, develop, mobilize and sustain communities, delivered by leading international and national experts;
  • Meeting other community leaders and the opportunity to exchange ideas and create new partnerships;
  • Participation in an internal funding competition of up to 2000 BGN to implement a project applying the themes and knowledge from the training.

How to apply?

Please complete the following form (in Bulgarian) by 11:59 PM on 20.03.2022.

Please note the following when applying:

(!) There is no option to save the information in the online form. For your convenience, you can copy the questions to a separate text file and paste the answers into the online form later.

(!) After the specified deadline, the form will close automatically.


The competition is open for applications from 02.15 to 20.03.2022.

By 28.03.2022 – announcement of the approved participants;

From 28.03. to 01.04.2022 -BFW team will get in touch with the selected participants and inform them about the training program

The training will take place between April 12-14, 2022* and is planned to be in person if the situation in the country allows it. Combined and/or online activities are possible and attendance is mandatory throughout the workshop.

* (!) The dates will be further confirmed with the approved participants and will be adjusted to the situation around Covid-19. BFW reserves the right to change the dates of the training.


You can contact us at Please note that telephone consultations will not be provided.

This program is made possible with financial support from the Urgent Action Fund.

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