BFW opens a call for projects for Prevention and overcoming of violence against women and young girls

  •  December 20, 2017

As part of the International UN campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign“ (25 November – 10 December) and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), Bulgarian Fund for Women announces a call for projects on the topic of prevention and overcoming the violence against women and young girls. The overall amount for support is 22 000 BGN and the maximum amount to fund a single project is 2 500 BGN.

Deadline for sending your applications is: 5th January 2018.


· Prevention of violence against women and young girls

· Overcome violence against women and young girls, support of victims of violence based on gender or domestic violence

· Raising awareness and informing society on the topics of forms of violence based on gender; violence against women and young girls; domestic violence

· Change of attitude in Bulgaria on the topic “violence against women” and minimizing the public stigma towards victims of violent actions


For the first time in our history this funding is fully granted by individual donors. Approximately 8 000 BGN were donated during the beneficial Quiz event and auction that took place at the British embassy in Sofia, supporting BFW. This amount will be added to the approximate 15 000 BGN raised by three Bulgarian women, currently living in New York, during the 14th Annual SHAPE Women’s Half Marathon earlier this year (watch a video here).

  • The total budget for this call is 22 000 BGN. Up to 2 500 BGN will be given for an individual project. Deadline for submission of applications is 23:59 on 5th January 2018.
  • Projects with wide spectrum of activities are allowed to apply, but the leading principle is the connection with the topic of Prevention and overcoming the violence against women and young girls. Here is list of suitable activities (the list is not exhaustive):
  • Prevention and overcoming of violence against women and young girls through campaigns for sharing information, trainings on the gender topic for youngsters, lobbying and advocating for changes in laws, creating videos and documentaries, etc.
  • Support for victims of violence – psychological or legal consultancy, improvement of conditions at crisis centers, work with perpetrators to prevent repetition of their acts, etc.
  • Initiatives, events, campaigns and other activities towards people in the local community and/or society in general to raise awareness on the topic of violence against women and young girls and domestic violence
  • Activities to change attitude towards victims of violence in the local community
  • Activities to raise knowledge on the topic of the gender violence against women and young girls for media coverage on such materials
  • Lobbying and advocacy for change of law in regards to the Istanbul Convention and its sanction by Bulgarian parliament.
  • Other activities in connection with the priorities in this call for projects


  • 25 November 2017 – 5 January 2018 – Submission of applications
  • 15 January 2018 – Announcement of approved projects
  • 15 – 22 January 2018 – Contract signing and financial grant
  • February – July 2018 – Execution of projects, monitoring and evaluation by BFW
  • July – 10 August 2018 – Reporting
  • Requirements for applicants:

Only organizations registered by the Non Profit Legal Entities act are allowed to participate in this call for projects.

All projects shall be aligned with the topic and at least one of the priorities mentioned above. We encourage all applicants to use intersection and inclusive approach, focus on realistic and practical empowerment of the chosen target groups.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Administrative compliance with the requirements – accurately filled in application form; dully signed and attached Declaration
  • Project on the topic and focus on at least one of the priorities
  • Realistic aims and expected results
  • Realistic budget and balance on administration costs and expenses for execution of the project
  • Capacity and/or potential for execution of the project (encouraged are newly registered organizations).
  • Projects will be reviewed and evaluated by the team of BFW and from external experts.


Additional information:

All organizations which projects have been approved shall sign a contract with Bulgarian Fund for Women and up to of 10 August each organization shall send narrative and financial reports for the executed projects. Templates for the reports will be additionally provided by BFW. The support of Bulgarian Fund for Women needs to be presented in all communications and materials used for promotion of the project and in accordance with the signed contract.

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