Selected participants for the Feminist Boot Camp 2019

  •  April 30, 2019

The team of Bulgarian Fund has evaluated and selected the participants in this year’s Feminist Boot Camp, 3rd edition, which is to take place between May 11th and May 15th in the resort town of Bankya, near the city of Sofia. The camp is an intensive 5-day seminar, aiming to provide knowledge to the participants on topics such as: feminist and gender theories and trends, history of Bulgaria women’s movement, contemporary women’s issues, gender (in)equality and human rights, forms of discrimination, etc., to acquaint them with the best experts, activists and professors in their spheres, and several special guests. Besides acquiring knowledge about these topics, the participants will develop practical skills to create and work on projects and campaigns, related to women’s rights and achieving gender equality. 

After attending the camp, the participants, independently or in a team, will be able to apply for funding for their ideas of up to BGN 2000 (two thousand leva), provided by BFW.

In addition to complying with the formal requirements of the competition, the participants were evaluated by the BFW team by: their motivation for becoming a part of the camp; their interests,; professional and academic experience; willingness to develop and potential for designing and implementing projects related to women’s rights; potential contribution to the seminar, etc.

The participants in Feminist Boot Camp 3 are (in order of application received):

  1. Manuela Popova
  2. Laza Tsoneva
  3. Yoana Manchova
  4. Monika Stefanova
  5. Silvia Teofarova
  6. Ioana Ivanova
  7. Kalina Zafirova

Bulgarian Fund for Women will get in touch with all approved candidates by e-mail with additional information about the camp, next steps for registration and for paying the participants’ fee.

The Feminist Boot Camp initiative is supported by the Global Fund for Women.

PhotoViktoria Nesheva

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