Now you can apply for participation in the BFW’s Feminist Boot Camp 2021: “Dream big!”

  •  April 22, 2021

The Bulgarian Fund for Women is on the lookout for participants for the sixth edition of its feminist camp, which will take place in July 2021.

What is the Feminist Boot Camp?

Feminist Boot Camp is an intensive six-day seminar aimed at empowering young women and girls, especially women from vulnerable groups. The participants in the camp will have the opportunity to learn from the best experts, activists and teachers in Bulgaria about feminist and gender theories and trends, the history of women’s movements, to discuss the problems of contemporary women, to discuss gender inequality and human rights, how to recognize and oppose various forms of discrimination, including multiple discrimination, and many other topics. In addition to knowledge, participants will acquire and develop practical skills for creating and implementing projects related to women’s rights and achieving gender equality, organizing events, conducting campaigns, etc.

During the Feminist Boot Camp, participants will not only get to know each other, but in a special protected environment and atmosphere of security and trust (safe space), they will be able to share their personal experiences and will have the opportunity to discuss with each other and with the BFW team their ideas for projects, related to women’s rights in Bulgaria. After the end of the camp, the participants, individually or in a team, will have the opportunity to apply in an internal contest for financial support for their projects in the amount of up to BGN 3,000, provided by BFW.

These unforgettable summer days are waiting for you. They will be filled with exciting sessions and exercises, discussions and games, meetings with interesting lecturers, new knowledge and skills, friendships and happy moments!

What do the previous participants say?

Confidence injection” (R.I., participant in Fem Boot Camp 2020)

You change lives!” (N.H., participant in Fem Boot Camp 2020)

Who can take part in?

In order to become a participant* in the “Feminist Boot Camp 2021: Dream big!”, you need to be aged between 16 to 35 years and be able to spend 5 or 6 full days in July 2021. All approved participants will receive additional information about the exact dates of the event in June. The BFW team monitors and fully complies with the situation and measures related to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Given the purpose of the camp, namely the empowerment of girls and young women, especially those from different vulnerable groups and/or disadvantaged groups, priority will be given to the applications of women and girls of minority origin, women and girls with disabilities, of LBT+ women and girls, or girls and young women from small and remote settlements, or who have experienced violence.

How to take part in?

To apply for the Feminist Boot Camp, complete this APPLICATION FORM** (only in Bulgarian) by 11:59 PM on Sunday, May 30, 2021.

Important deadlines:

The competition is open for applications from April 19 to May 30, 2021.

By June 11, 2021, the approved participants will be evaluated by our team and announced on our website and Facebook page, as well as by email. Please take in account, that the BFW will not be able to provide individual feedback to unapproved candidates.

The camp will take place in July 2021 ***, with obligatory presence during all days of the Feminist Boot Camp.

Important notes

The participation in the Feminist Boot Camp 2020 amounts to BGN 600 per participant and the Bulgarian Fund for Women provides the funds needed to implement the initiative. However, the approved applicants should pay a personal contribution fee of BGN 60.00.  

For questions and more information, please feel free to contact us at

The team of the Bulgarian Fund for Women wishes you success! We look forward to seeing you at our sea camp! Dream big and in the meantime, we will support you to make your dreams come true!

* According to Art. 7, item 14 of the Law on Protection against Discrimination (PfDA), special measures in favor of persons or groups of disadvantaged persons such as young girls and women, especially women of minority origin, with disabilities or LBT women, in order to equalize opportunities to the extent that and for as long as these measures are necessary, does not constitute discrimination. Admission of the Feminist Boot Camp to women only, with an advantage for girls and young women and women from vulnerable groups, is in this sense a temporary special measure aimed at establishing the de facto equality between men and women.

(Learn why only girls and young women can take part in the Feminist Boot Camp, here.)

** BFW is a controller of personal data and processes such data in accordance with the legislation on personal data protection and Regulation (EU) 2016/679. All applications received will be treated in the strictest confidence.

*** BFW reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for the Feminist Boot Camp in case of unforeseen circumstances related to COVID-19.

The initiative Feminist Boot Camp is possible thanks to the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bureau Bulgaria and Global Fund for Women.

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