Women Shared Their Thoughts on Philanthropy and Their Power to Change the World

  •  November 25, 2011

Bulgarian Fund for Women together with the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum organized a conference under the motto “Women and Philanthropy”. The conference was held in Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan on 22nd of November.  The event offered the personal and professional stories of women from Bulgaria, Europe and the USA and why they invest and donate for socially important causes and for social change.  The aim of the conference was to encourage and motivate active women realize they themselves with their donations, volunteer work, experience and professional advice are the most important factor for achieving social change and for making the world a better place.

Successful women from the business, the NGO sector and individual donors shared their experience, their thoughts, and their personal, emotional and rational motives to give money to causes they believe in. They also shared their achievements in philanthropy and their beliefs why their contributions work for changing the world.

Ms. Stoila Bongalova, Director of the Bulgarian Fund for Women, made a very interesting presentation on the history of the Women’s Philanthropy in Bulgaria from 1856 until present days, which was very motivational for the female audience to keep walking the way of Philanthropy.

You can find more information about the speakers and their presentations here.

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