Results from the Feminist Projects Call of BFW

  •  February 1, 2019

Bulgarian Fund for Women has selected the organizations to receive funding under the feminist projects grant. 10 initiatives in 4 different towns and one village will be supported.

The 43 project proposals were subjected to a two-stage procedure of evaluation. After the BFW team assessed the compliance of the projects with the administrative requirements and the objectives of the competition, 15 of the submitted proposals were selected for evaluation by a jury composed of:

  • Nadejda Dermendjieva, Executive Director of BFW
  • Denitsa Lyuncheva, lawyer, member of the Board of BFW
  • Iva Koleva, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of TELUS International Europe

The project proposals received a quantitative assessment on the basis of the following criteria: conformity of the project idea with the thematic priorities of the competition; argumentation of the necessity of the project, feasibility of the planned activities, budget feasibility, contribution to the target group and sustainability of the project. The maximum number of points an organization could collect was 105.

The ranking of organizations approved for funding in this competition is as follows:

  1. Gender Alternatives Foundation (Plovdiv) – 92 points
  2. Peace Research Institute (Plovdiv) – 89 points
  3. Women’s Football Club (Varna) – 87 points
  4. Fine Arts Foundation (Sofia) – 86 points
  5. the fridge / LevFem (Sofia) – 85 points for the project “Sex, Sexuality and Intercountry
  6. Global Change Forum” (Gabrovo) – 84 points
  7. University Student Society for Equality / Youth LGBT Organization Action (Sofia) – 81 points
  8. Association “Mediation and Dispute Resolution Institute” (EMEA – Sofia) – 71 points
  9. Hope for Antonovo (Antonovo village) – 71 points
  10. CLASS 5X5 (Sofia) – 70 points

We thank all the participants in this call for proposals!

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