Results of the open call for new artistic projects “EVERYTHING IS FINE”

  •  July 15, 2019

Bulgarian Fund for Women is pleased to announce the results of the open call for new artistic projects of women “EVERYTHING IS FINE”. We received record 107 project proposals by over 100 authors and collectives from both Bulgaria and abroad, for a total value of over BGN 30,000.

The proposals were considered by an expert jury composed of Stefka Tsaneva (curator, cultural manager and critic), Desislava Dimova (art critic and curator), Dobromira Terpesheva (researcher and curator), Lea Vajsova (sociologist, assistant professor, Ph.D.) Gergana Kutseva (Director of Development and Communications at the Bulgarian Fund for Women). They have selected nine conceptual projects by 7 authors and two teams, among which the total sum of the budget of BGN 30,000 will be allocated.

Selected artists and art projects :

Albena Baeva with “Dangerous Female Creatures Living in the Depths”

Alla Georgieva with “Museum of the Woman”

Boryana Rossa with “DISCOVERY: Women in Bulgarian Cinema”

Veneta Androva with “Wife is a genius, the husband is a muse”

Darina Kokonova with “Is everything fine? Yes. It’s okay – as long as we keep fighting. “

Nevena Ekimova with “Wooden Wedding”

Nikolina Nedyalkova and Daniela Takeva with “I Put a Spell On You”

Pavlina Serbova with “The Woman Dreaming of Wolves”

Polina Stoyanova and Marion Durova with “Persona”

Two more projects were put on the waiting list:

Boryana Ventsislavova with  “News from home”

Trendafila Trendafilova with “Post-Digital Romanticism”

In the final selection of projects, the jury assessed not only the creative potential of the projects and the portfolio of their authors but they also focused on a variety of topics and approaches for their realization, as well as on supporting young and not yet established artists.

The completed projects will be shown at a joint exhibition at the beginning of 2020

Funding for this call was provided thanks to the specially created Women Art Project Fund in 2017 with the following goals: to combat the under-representation of women in the professional arts and cultural sectors; to give visibility to the creativity of women artists; increase their access to financial resources. This call would not have been possible without the financial support and trust of Power PopsTakeawayMama Cash и Filia die Frauenstiftung.

The Bulgarian Fund for Women thanks all the participants because the very participation of so many women artists, with a clear position and interest in creating socially engaged art, is a testament to the enormous potential and the need to change the statistics regarding the representation and value of the art created by women.

The BFW team does not have the opportunity to send personal feedback to all participants, whose proposals are not among the approved ones, but we wish them a lot of creative success and inspiration.

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*Author of the illustration: Victoria Borissova

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