MyPath Project’s Final Conference and TPM: Empowering Migrant Women in the Labor Market

  •  September 22, 2023


On the 20th and 21st of September 2023, the city of Bochum, Germany, was the stage for the final conference and transnational project meeting (TPM) of the MyPath Project. This significant event brought together various stakeholders, including project organizers, partners, and participants, to discuss the project’s accomplishments, milestones, and the path forward. The MyPath Project, with its focus on the inclusion of well-qualified and highly skilled migrant women into the labor market, provided a platform for sharing insights, experiences, and success stories. 

Day 1: Empowering Through Knowledge and Mentorship 

The first day of the conference started at 14:00 CET with a warm welcome and introduction by the project organizers. Their opening remarks set the stage for a dynamic and productive two days of discussions. 

Project Overview and Milestones Presentation The attendees were given a comprehensive overview of the MyPath Project, which included its inception, key partners, objectives, and its journey thus far. This overview served as a backdrop for the subsequent discussions and presentations. 

Showcase: The Training Kit and its Local Testings One of the highlights of the event was the presentation on the Training Kit’s development and its local testings. The Training Kit is a vital component of the project, designed to empower migrant women by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful integration into the labor market. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the Training Kit’s objectives and see highlights from the local testing phase. A Q&A session allowed for further clarification and engagement. 

Presentation of Mentoring for Success Mentoring plays a crucial role in the success of the MyPath Project, and representatives from partner countries (Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, and Portugal) shared their experiences and insights from the mentoring sessions. Success stories, feedback, and the importance of personalized guidance were discussed, emphasizing the value of mentorship in the integration process. 

Premiere: Role Model Videos The conference also unveiled a series of Role Model Videos designed to inspire and motivate migrant women. The concept behind these videos was introduced, and select role model videos were screened. A reflective session allowed the audience to share their impressions and takeaways, creating a meaningful dialogue around the importance of representation. 

Networking Break and Exhibits To foster a sense of community and collaboration, the event featured a networking break where attendees could enjoy finger food and snacks while engaging with fellow participants and exploring exhibits related to the MyPath Project. 

Workshop: Bridging Cultural Gaps in Training and Integration Understanding cultural nuances is essential in the successful integration of migrant women into the labor market. The interactive workshop on this topic encouraged attendees to discuss and strategize ways to bridge these cultural gaps, fostering a more inclusive environment. 

Panel Discussion: Empowering Migrant/Minority Women in Career Planning The day concluded with a thought-provoking panel discussion on empowering migrant and minority women in career planning. The discussion focused on the challenges and solutions in career planning for these women, ultimately aiming to promote diversity and inclusion in the labor market. 

Closing Remarks and Next Steps The first day ended with closing remarks, summarizing the highlights of the conference and expressing gratitude to all the participants for their valuable contributions. The importance of the next steps in the MyPath Project was emphasized, underlining the commitment to continued progress. 

Day 2: Evaluation and Future Endeavors 

The second day began with a recap of the final conference and an evaluation of its outcomes. Attendees reflected on the insights gained and the takeaways from the event, which would inform future project initiatives. 

Administrative and Financial Matters The conference also dedicated time to addressing administrative and financial matters, ensuring the project’s sustainability and transparency. 

Multiplier Events The discussion expanded to focus on multiplier events, which are crucial for disseminating project outcomes and impact to a wider audience. 

Dissemination Activities and Promotion of the Impact Participants explored strategies for disseminating the knowledge and success stories generated by the MyPath Project, aiming to raise awareness and promote the inclusion of migrant women in the labor market. 

Next Steps The conference concluded with a forward-looking discussion on the next steps for the MyPath Project, reaffirming the commitment to continue empowering migrant women in their career planning and fostering diversity and inclusion in the labor market. 

In Conclusion 

The MyPath Project’s final conference and TPM were pivotal moments in the journey toward empowering migrant women in their career planning and integration into the labor market. The event showcased the dedication of the project’s organizers, partners, and participants to make a positive impact on the lives of migrant women. With the lessons learned and the momentum gained, the MyPath Project is well-positioned to continue its essential work in the years to come, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a fulfilling and successful career. 

This project was funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein. 


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