Feminist Boot Camp 2021 Participants Announced

  •  June 21, 2021

The Bulgarian Fund for Women selected the participants in the Feminist Boot Camp 5th edition Dream Big, which will take place at the beginning of July 2021 near Varna. We received and evaluated 30 applications from participants between 16 and 35 years of age, from 16 different towns and cities within Bulgaria.

All 30 candidates were evaluated according to a number of criteria, including motivation and interest in the camp’s topics and values, professional and academic experience, desire and potential to develop and implement their conceptual projects related to women’s rights, contribution with their participation in the camp, age, settlement, etc. All candidates were evaluated by a five-member jury from the BFW team. “The task was extremely difficult due to the high quality of all applications and the great interest in the initiative,” Nadejda Dermendjieva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Fund for Women said.

Below is the list of all approved candidates (alphabetical order):

  1. Aleksandra Ivanova
  2. Angela Ibrahim
  3. Biliana Lavchieva
  4. Victoria Markovska
  5. Galina Bezlova
  6. Elena Haralampieva
  7. Eleonora Takhova
  8. Elitsa Marinova
  9. Iva Genova
  10. Joanna Stefanova
  11. Kamelia Kamenova
  12. Maria Atanasova
  13. Nesrin Khalil
  14. Pavlina Valkova
  15. Ralitsa Siderova
  16. Silsila Mahbub
  17. Stella Taneva
  18. Stiliana Raleva

Feminist Boot Camp is an intensive six-day seminar aimed at empowering girls and young women, especially ones from vulnerable groups. The participants have the opportunity to learn from leading experts, activists and professors on topics such as feminism, women’s rights, gender theories, women’s movements history, (gender) inequalities, discrimination and many more. In addition to that, all participants acquire and develop practical skills for creating and implementing projects related to women’s rights and gender equality, event management, campaigning and more.

During Feminist Boot Camp, participants not only get to know each other but are able to share their personal experience in a safe space. Moreover, they have the unique opportunity to develop ideas for their own projects related to women’s rights in Bulgaria and discuss them during the camp. In the end, all of the participants, individually or grouped in teams,  have the opportunity to apply in an internal competition for financial support in the amount of up to BGN 3,000, provided by the Bulgarian Fund for Women.

The Bulgarian Fund for Women will get in touch with all approved candidates. We thank everyone who submitted their applications for this year’s camp, and we encourage all candidates who were not selected, to submit their applications for Feminist Boot Camp 2022.

Feminist Boot Camp 2021 was made possible thanks to the support of The Friedrich Ebert Foundation – Bureau Bulgaria and the Global Fund for Women.

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