Freedom of Violence Program

  •  October 8, 2009

Violence against women derived from the traditional patterns of behavior characterized by the misuse of power and control by one person over another. Violence against women is a crucial obstacle for the full realization of their human rights, moreover causes health decline and has a high social price – loss of labor force and human potential, additional expenses for social services, rehabilitation, legal proceedings.

Current situation and main challenges

Several researches show that every fifth woman in Europe suffers from domestic violence. In Bulgaria the number is comparable to Europe – every forth woman is victim of domestic violence. The state has not secured funds for the enforcement of the Bill on Protection against Domestic Violence; neither has it provided trainings for all state bodies and units that deal with the problem. The counseling centers for victims of domestic violence are run exclusively by NGOs. There are only three shelters in the country. NGOs working in the field experienced insufficient financing of prevention and treatment of domestic violence consequences.

Our goal

Through providing more resources for establishment and steady development of women’s rights NGOs that particularly work on combating all forms of violence in Bulgaria, Freedom of Violence  Program supports effectively the empowerment of the violence victims to become self-esteem and to experience the world as a place of safety and violence against them to be rejected by families, policy makers, media, and culture. The Program objectives include also expanding the network of Bulgarian NGOs working on violence against women.

Target groups

Small grassroots NGOs working on combating all forms of violence and violence victims.

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