Bulgarian Fund for Women to Sofia Pride

  •  June 17, 2011

Bulgarian Fund for Women is an organization that fights for and that supports not only other non-governmental organizations but also all kinds of initiatives connected to Women’s Rights and to reaching actual equity in all spheres of life, and to eliminating the existing forms of discrimination.

In this sense, Bulgarian Fund for Women wants to express its total support to Sofia Pride 2011. We realize that discrimination is something that still strongly exists and one can suffer discrimination not only according to their sex but also, because they belong to a different ethnicity, because they share religious views that are “not appropriate”, or because they have different sexual orientation. But being different is a Right that we can not and must not be deprived of.

Last but not least, Bulgarian Fund for Women considers that Sofia Pride is not a parade that advertises the homosexual orientation but is a parade that celebrates the right of having rights! We believe that together we can achieve equity in all spheres of life.

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