Open Call for project ideas – next stage of Feminist Boot Camp 3

  •  May 31, 2019

5 intensive days, 10 participants, 11 lectures and 12 lecturers is the recapitulation of this year’s Feminist Boot Camp 3, realized with the support of the Global Fund for Women. 
However, the more interesting part is yet to come – it’s when the participants have the chance to put their newfound theoretical knowledge to practice and apply with project ideas for awards of up to 2000 BGN.

The third edition of the annual Feminist Boot Camp introduced the participants to the history of women’s movements, gender theory and the relationship of feminism to other social inequalities, advocacy, political empowerment of women, and the legal aspects of discrimination. The participants also acquired practical knowledge of the non-governmental sector, campaigning and writing of projects, and had the opportunity to meet with representatives of previous camp editions.

In the second stage of the initiative, the Bulgarian Fund for Women announces an open call for awards worth up to 2000 BGN and gives the participants the opportunity to realize their ideas – individually or in teams – by developing and implementing a conceptual project.

Projects should focus on empowering women and girls and achieving gender equality, but there are no other limitations – activities can include campaigning, organizing an event, training, exhibition, art performance, blogging, and vlogging, etc. that address stereotypes and discrimination, promote the need to achieve gender equality, change attitudes and raise awareness on women’s issues, develop women’s movement.

The deadline for the participants in the camp to send us a filled-in application form with their project idea is June 21, 2019.  The project implementation period is July 2019 – December 2019, with financial and narrative reports due on January 31, 2020.

The ideas will be assessed by the BFW’s team and will be evaluated according to their relation to the topic “gender equality”, the plausibility of the set activities, goals, and budget, as well as the capacity for implementation. The approved ideas that will be awarded up to 2000 BGN will be announced at the end of June 2019.

Good luck to all participants!

The Call is open only to participants who have attended Feminist Boot Camp 3.

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