BFW starts a Community Program for Equality and Climate justice

  •  March 23, 2021

Gender equality and social engagement are indispensable part from the concept of climate justice.

In fact, it is women and marginalized communities that are most affected by climate change.

In order to reduce the impact on the most vulnerable groups in our country and to stimulate civic engagement in the protection of the planet and our invaluable natural resources, the Bulgarian Fund for Women has established a Community Program for Equality and Climate Justice.

The initiative concerns the intersection between climate and equality between women and men. The program focuses on working with local communities on topics such as air pollution, recycling, climate refugees, deforestation and women’s participation in policy-making on nature conservation and climate change management.

The program will enable leaders from vulnerable groups, small or remote places to become effective agents and promoters of change in raising awareness, monitoring and strategies for their communities to participate in decision-making processes at both local and national level.

The program is being implemented for the first time in Bulgaria. It consists of a selection procedure for participants, training with international experts and a call for project proposals on the topics related to equality between women and men and climate justice.

The announcement for the Call for participants in the Program will be published in early April 2021. The training for community leaders and activists is expected to take place in June 2021 and the projects of the winners will be implemented by the end of the year.

Any further details are to be announced soon. Make sure you stay in touch with us by following our website and social media.

The program is implemented with the financial support of the Open Society Institute – Sofia Foundation.

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