BFW with a Human of the Year Award!

  •  December 11, 2018

Bulgarian  Fund for Women was awarded the second highest honors of this year’s human rights prize  –  Human of the Year 2018, organized by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee. The Fund received the award for its numerous and diverse activities during the year for protecting women’s rights, combating gender-based violence and its efforts for achieving real gender equality in Bulgaria. The BFW shared the second prize with the club “You are not alone” – a club for mutual assistance of women who have survived violence, created after the campaign of the same name “#YouAreNotAlone – Together against Violence” and with the support of the Fund.

The Bulgarian Fund for Women was awarded for its persistence and competence in fighting to overcome domestic violence and violence against women, efforts to inform the Bulgarian society about the scale of the problem and its consequences, and its advocacy on the ratification of the Istanbul Convention – a fundamental document containing comprehensive measures to tackle violence against women. During the year, the Fund organized a number of events, conducted various campaigns and competitions, successfully completed a number of projects, including “Protest against Gender Based Violence”, the “Chance for the Invisible Supermothers” donation campaign, Teacher’s Manual on “Domestic Violence” (available in Bulgarian),”Sense of a City” project, etc.

The Human of the Year Awards were held for the 11th consecutive year on December 10 – World Human Rights Day. Their goal is for more people to learn about legitimate human rights causes (more at

Photo: BFW

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