Results from the “8 of March” Contest of the BFW

  •  February 15, 2021

After the great interest in the “8 of March” Contest, with 112 applications received from 46 towns and villages, the Bulgarian Fund for Women has selected the winning ten project ideas that will mark the International Women’s Day and women’s achievements in the political, economic, scientific and cultural sphere.

The finalists in the Contest “8 of March” are the following:

Feminist mobilizations, with a partner organization “Bilitis Resource Center” Foundation

Protest march on the occasion of the 8 of March, International Women’s Day, 101 points, budget: BGN 1,900.

Organizing a protest march for the 8 of March, aimed at people from various social groups with different life experiences and identities, who recognize themselves in the values ​​and principles of feminism. The main goal is to reach women from marginalized groups based on ethnicity, race, religion, economic status, health status, status as a mother or belonging to the LGBTI community.

“Saffo-Bulgaria” Association

“Justice, not tulips!”, 91 points, budget: BGN 1,600.

Preparation of a zine (small-circulation self-published work), which briefly presents the roots of the celebrations around March 8 and its history in Bulgaria and around the world. The zine will include excerpts from historical documents, photographs, author’s illustrations and texts and will be distributed in public spaces such as galleries, museums, libraries, beauty salons, community centers, universities and more. An online publication of the zine will be made at a specially created website.

Zarina Vasileva

“Motherhood put on hold”, 91 points, budget: BGN 1,800.

The only women’s prison in Bulgaria is in Sliven, where almost half of the women are mothers, and a large part of them have children under 18 years. The project idea is to hold a literary contest on the theme of “Motherhood put on hold” in free-form texts (essays, poetry, prose, journalism), where women serving sentences of imprisonment tell their stories about motherhood through the prism of daughters and mothers.

“Solidarity in Action” Foundation

“Local Inspirers: Women Who Change the Radomir Municipality”, 90 points, budget: BGN 1920.

The 8 of March is usually celebrated as Mother’s Day, without being linked to the historical struggle for women’s rights and freedoms or to the recognition of their economic, political and social achievements. Working with the local community in Radomir in an interactive process to highlight the inspiring, high-contribution women’s examples that will help rethink the role of women in the public sphere, raise awareness of their achievements and lay the groundwork for the celebration of 8 of March through activities that highlight the potential, abilities and success of women in various fields beyond home and family.

INITIATIVE BG / Bulgarian Association for Promotion of the Civil Initiative BAPCI

“Eight questions for the 8 of March”, 89 points, budget: BGN 1580

Organizing a political debate of leaders / candidates from the lists of the main parties in Burgas for the future parliament on specific eight topics / issues on which urgent legislative action is needed (for example the Law on Amendments to the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence) or on which the sensitivity of future legislators, their parties and society, such as discrimination and equality, must be raised.

“Social Future” Foundation

“I SUCCEDED – I did not give up” – Online photo campaign for women with disabilities, 88 points, budget: BGN 2,000.

A photo campaign that tells the stories of successful women with disabilities and celebrates International Women’s Day by showing their economic potential, despite the great challenges and barriers of the group. The stories present the contemporary image of successful professionals among women with disabilities in Bulgaria and their professional realization.

An informal group of refugee women in Harmanli

“I did it, so you can too!”, 81 points, budget: BGN 2,000.

9 representatives of different cultures from different countries – Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Iran, Morocco: “We want to get out of anonymity. We want to show our faces, to say louder to the women of Bulgaria that if we can do it, so can they!” Photographs, stories and an exhibition with the personal stories of refugee women who seek happiness in Bulgaria.

Association “Youth and Civic Initiatives in the Rose Valley”

“WHO, if not us WOMEN?”, 81 points, budget: BGN 2,000.

Celebrating the 8 of March with a political debate on the theme: “WHO, if not us WOMEN?”. The debate is to be held with the participation of current and female candidates from different parties in the region, municipal councilors-women from Karlovo and Sopot, who will discuss social issues and will present their ideas on how to protect women’s rights, gender equality and how will they act on the issue of combating domestic violence against women.

Ex Nihilo

“Female Voice” Before and Now “, 80 points, budget: BGN 350.

Establishment of a Facebook group and a website “Female Voice before and now” in the name of the newspaper “Female Voice”, published in Bulgaria from 1899 to 1944, as an official body of the “Bulgarian Women’s Union” with the presentation of posters, photos and information about inspiring examples of activities of Bulgarian women from the past, organizing an online game with a prize (book “Stories for Women”). On the 8 of March, there will be held an online meeting where the 8 of March will be presented as a historic event that celebrates women’s achievements.

“Women of Kazanlak” Association

“Brave women say NO to social inequalities”, 80 points, budget: BGN 1,800.

Initiatives to draw public attention to the right of every girl and woman to a family environment without violence, education and protection. There will be 24-hour broadcasting of messages on LED-screen in the center of town of Kazanlak, publishing of Newsletter dedicated to the rights of girls and women, emphasizing their role in the public, political and social life in the Municipality of Kazanlak.

The team of the Bulgarian Fund for Women choose the finalists after a selection of two phases, where the applications were evaluated according to a number of criteria, including: connection of the project idea with the International Women’s Day, degree of knowledge of women’s discourse and / or clear addressing of existing issues in women’s communities, bold and original approaches in the activities of the project idea, realism, budget.

Due to the great interest in the competition, the Bulgarian Fund for Women selected organizations and activists on a list of reserves for which an additional fundraising campaign is currently underway! If successful and additional funds are provided, we will contact the candidates who are ranked in the reserve list.

We would like to thank everyone who participated with their concepts in this initiative! We wish success to the organizations, teams and activists that were not ranked for funding, and we will expect their applications in one of our next contests. For more information, please follow our page regularly.

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