Urgent Fund Update: BFW Distributed over BGN 100 000 to Organizations Providing Front-line Support to the Women and Children, Affected by the War in Ukraine

  •  June 20, 2022

At the beginning of March 2022, a few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we from the Bulgarian Fund for women opened an Emergency Fund in support of the women and children, affected by the war. We decided to distribute the raised funds to both the victims in Ukraine and the women and children, arriving in Bulgaria.

At the end of May 2022, our Emergency Fund has helped over 14 organizations with more than 10 000 leva from the raised sum. All of them work on the frontline and put in constant efforts for the people, running from the war. The funds donated to them cover emergency humanitarian needs, including ensuring food and sanitary products, medical examinations and tests, payment of rent and housing costs, transportation costs, and psychological and legal assistance.

The funds were distributed among the following organizations:

  • Association “Center Dynamics” – Ruse
  • Foundation “Right to Childhood” – Ruse
  • Association Startup Factory – Ruse
  • Foundations “Mission Wings” – Stara Zagora
  • Association “Women’s club Rodopchanka” – Smolyan
  • Foundation “Dignita” – Sofia
  • Foundation “Center for legal aid- Voice in Bulgaria” – Sofia
  • Council of the Women refugees in Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Bulgarian Helsinki Committee – Sofia
  • Foundation “For the good” – Sofia
  • Social Foundation “Indi Roma” – Kuklen
  • Foundation PULSE – Pernik
  • Foundation Open Heart – Varna
  • The social tea room – Varna

Millions of Ukrainian children were forced to leave their homes because of the war. According to data from the United Nations, the number of refugees in Ukraine is around 8 million, 2.5 million of which are children. Over 35 000 of them came to Bulgaria. Many of the organizations here concentrated their efforts on ensuring that the people have housing and food, as well as a calm environment, in which they can continue to study and grow.

Organizations such as the Startup Factory in Ruse and The Social Tea Room in Varna organized courses in Bulgarian language and culture for kids. As a part of the modern interactive learning, the kids in Ruse visit sights, participate in summer camps, develop their digital skills and have the opportunity to get to know their Bulgarian peers.

People, running from war zones, who search for protection in other countries, are incredibly vulnerable for human trafficking and exploitation. This is why the

“Dignita” Foundation decided to develop a special program for holding information women’s circles between experts and Ukraine refugees, registered in the Situational Center “Open doors” in Sofia. Their goal is to empower the women, inform them about the work market in Bulgaria and protect them from the human trafficking risks in Bulgaria.

Organizations such as “Center for legal aid – Voice in Bulgaria” and Bulgarian Helsinki Committee are actively included and provide voluntary legal assistance to women, children, Ukrainian citizens and not-Ukrainian citizens coming from Ukraine. They opened an emergency phone line, which provides legal consultations 24 hours per day, including consultations in Russian, and re-directed a significant part of their communication activities towards the needs of the refugee crisis.

BFW’s Urgent fund for women and children affected by the war was supported by a number of companies, private foundations and women’s funds – Melon, Raw and More, Nuevo LTD, Ald Automotive, Kesher, Mama Cash, Foundation Chanel, Nexo, NAOS, Tina, SAP Labs Bulgaria, as well as by 70 individual donors.

BFW’s emergency fund remains open as we continue to identify organisations that need support on the ground because there is no doubt that the effects of the war will be long-lasting and will only get worse.

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100% of the raised funds will be donated to those in need of help.

We will continue to show you the work of the organizations that we support as the campaign for helping the victims in Ukraine continues.

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