Charity Comedy Show Raised BGN 14,434 in Support of Women in Bulgaria

  •  October 5, 2021

If one woman can turn failure into success, five women are able to make a spectacular show from their worst moments. On Monday night, Alex Raeva, Olya Malinova, Krassimira Hadjiivanova, Geri Turiyska and Pam Velidis took to the stage of Sofia Summer Fest to tell candidly, without pose and false glare about their sexiest failures in the comedy show Stand up for Sisterhood. The charity event, at the initiative of Answear Bulgaria, gathered hundreds of guests and revenues of BGN 14,434. The money will be divided equally and donated to two organizations with meaningful causes – Ole Male and Bulgarian Fund for Women.

Dressed in the collection Girl Power of answear.Lab, Alex, Olya, Krassimira, Geri and Pam caused a tornado of laughter in the audience, where they were applauded by the girls from the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, singer Polly Genova, TV presenters Diana Lyubenova and Mariana Vekilska, actress Diana Handjieva, hundreds of other women and even some brave men.

The evening began with the existential question: “What kind of uterus are you if you can’t give birth naturally?” And went through all the failures of life – scholar, breastfeeding, maternal, parental and sexual. The five women in front of the microphone made us laugh to tears and convinced us that being at the bottom can be much more fun than being at the top. A special surprise for the spectators was the appearance on the stage of the popular social personality epic bath guy – Rado Kuzmanov, who showed a photo of Alex Raeva from her teenage years.   

We truly thank Answear and the audience for their exceptional support. The donations for Ole Male will contribute to our social enterprise to function at ease and at full speed in the coming months, to fully implement the largest annual Christmas campaign, and to continue to support mothers of children with disabilities in their desire to work. We also thank the five participants who showed that women’s strength, mind and sense of humor can overcome even the biggest challenges and gain a lot of meaning and experience from failures,” commented the team of Ole Male.

The funds raised from the tickets for the show, as well as part of the proceeds from the sale of the special collection Girl Power of answear.Lab, will help mothers of children with disabilities, as well as women from different communities who have bold and original ideas. 

We are happy and grateful to Answear for supporting the cause of the Bulgarian Fund for Women. We believe that our partnership is a true illustration of sisterhood and solidarity between women, especially because we share support with the Ole Male cause. The funds donated by Answear Bulgaria will be invested in projects for women and girls through our competition for bold ideas for March 8, 2022,” said Nadezhda Dermendzhieva, Executive Director of Bulgarian Fund for Women.

Photos: Answear

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