BFW’s campaign “The Eternal Hits of Bulgaria” awarded with 3 prizes at the IAB Mixx Awards

  •  May 17, 2021

With three awards and first, second and third place in three different categories were prized the Bulgarian Fund for Women and Ogilvy Sofia Agency at IAB Mixx Awards – the largest event to honor successful campaigns in digital advertising.

The international jury of 10 distinguished experts selected 88 finalists to participate in the competition from a total of 184 submitted entries in 20 different categories. Ogilvy Sofia Agency applied with the campaign of the Bulgarian Fund for Women “Eternal Hits of Bulgaria“, dedicated to the fight against gender based violence, that was held in November – December 2020.

All 4 of our entries were ranked among the finalists and on the night of the awarding ceremony – April 27, we were distinguished with three awards:

  • First place in the PR Digital category, which aims for campaigns created with the concept of achieving goals for public relations and positioning of the company or organization. In this category, the main goal is to present a good practice and achieve excellent results in one or more of the following areas – audiences, content, channels, advertising, interaction, leads generated content.
  • Second place in The Bravest Campaign category, which focuses on strategies, campaigns or solutions that are experimental, innovative and not categorized, but show the desire of the brand and the advertiser to think and act “out of the box”.
  • Third place in the Best Branded Content Campaign category, which seeks digital campaigns focusing on the use of branded content to achieve marketing goals, as the content is related to the values ​​and key characteristics of the brand/organization.

We are extremely proud and happy that our campaign “The Eternal Hits of Bulgaria” was distinguished with three awards in this highly selective competition, because the campaign is very important and sheds the light on a huge public problem – violence against women. The campaign was not easy to implement, but a lot of people took part in it, because it was courageous and authentic. It has reached nearly 2 million people and has called for intolerance to all forms of violence against women. The campaign was also aimed at all major institutions to seek legislative change and better protection for victims of violence. We thank Ogilvy Sofia for the creativity, trust and great work and dedication that they invested in the implementation of the campaign“, said Teodora Petrova, Communications and Development Director at the Bulgarian Fund for Women.

For 15 years now, the Bulgarian Fund for Women and many other civil society organizations have been pushing for legislative changes and effective measures to protect victims of violence, our demands are for the conduct of an official statistic of the victims, for the creation of more crisis centers for help of the victims, but the institutions are not doing enough, on the contrary – problems escalate. That is why we called for “replacing the worn-out refrain that thousands of women in Bulgaria listen to every day to the point of pain, blood and bruising.” Through the release of the album “The Eternal Hits of Bulgaria” (recorded as a vinyl record and also presented as an online production to, we revealed some lesser-known forms of violence that are widespread and ruin the lives of thousands of people each day. The album was presented to all responsible institutions and widely promoted on social media.

Congratulations to the BFW, as well as to all of our colleagues, friends and partners who helped carry out this emotional campaign that was seeking change,” commented the Ogilvy Sofia advertising agency. “Our team, together with the BFW, managed to be flexible and quickly readjust the cause and the message in the new pandemic context and to involve thousands of Bulgarians in such a difficult topic discussion. We are pleased that although the bolder and more creative manifestations of the campaign were in the analog world, its digital focus allowed a client and an agency to achieve results that exceeded everyone’s expectations. However, until the narrative and reality are changed, the fight will go on.”

Find out more about the “The Eternal Hits of Bulgaria” campaign and the supportive advocacy initiatives HERE.

You can also watch the video presenting the IAB Mixx Awards campaign here:

We express our sincere gratitude to our partners from Ogilvy Sofia, as well as to all other partners, friends and volunteers who helped with the implementation of the project “The Eternal Hits of Bulgaria”: Dukyan Meloman, Kaloyan Dimitrov (music, studio engineer), Iva Papazova, actors Galin Naidenov, Stoyan Pepelanov, Nikola Kutsev, Vasil Draganov, Nikola Parashkevov, Alexander Evgeniev, Maria Donchevska (art works), Vera Gotseva – Lomovera (photography), IDEA Comm (outdoor advertising), BG-Mamma.

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