Feminst Boot Camp Call for Projects

  •  May 26, 2017

Four intensive days, 11 participants, 8 lectures – these are the numbers behind the recent Feminist Boot Camp, supported by the Global Fund for Women. Apart from the statistics, 11 young women are now part of our community, sharing ideas, viewpoints and beliefs:

“This seminar was one of the most impressive ones I have attended… The ideas will stay with me, because they really motivated me to stand up for my rights and the rights of the people around me.”

“These past days helped me feel more at ease with my ideas and standpoints … Now I have much motivation and activist spirit.”

The Feminist Boot Camp gave participants the chance to know more about the history of women movements, gender theories and the relationship of feminism with other social inequalities, the political empowerment of women and the legal aspects of discrimination. The training included as well practical knowledge on how to defend our rights, how write and successfully execute a project, whereas participants were given the stage to present and discuss openly their ideas on projects, related to the boot camp topics.

In the second stage of the initiative we are giving the opportunities to all partakers in the Feminist Boot Camp to bring their ideas to reality – individually or in a team, by developing and executing a project. The deadline for projects applications is 31 July 2017 and we expect proposals with a budget ranging from 1000 to 5000 BGN, while the total fund of the call is 8000 BGN.

The project execution timeline is September 2017 – April 2018, while the financial and narrative reports are due 14 May 2018. The project must be oriented towards empowerment and gender equality and to fall under one of the following BFW’s priorities:

  • Overcoming gender stereotypes
  • Political and economic empowerment of women
  • Elimination of violence against women
  • Empowerment of women subject to multiple discrimination

There is a wide range of eligible ideas within the call – campaigns, events, trainings, exhibitions, art performances, competitions etc., as long as they are aimed at overcoming discrimination, awareness raising on the need to eradicate gender inequality, change in attitudes, and development of women’s movement.

The proposals will be valuated according to their relation to the topic and prirorities of this call, to the adequacy of proposed activities, aims and budget, as well as the capacity/potential for execution.

In September 2017 we will announce the selected projects.

We wish you luck!

Note:  The call is open only for participants at the Feminist Boot Camp.

In case of a greater number of good projects we may redistribute/increase the funding budget.

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