BFW received 33 applications for the Equality & Climate Justice 2022 Program

  •  March 21, 2022

We are happy to announce that we received 33 inspiring applications from 23 cities and villages for BFW Equity & Climate Justice 2022 Program. BFW will announce the results on March 28, 2022, and will contact all applicants via email. If you have applied but you haven’t heard from us yet, please contact us at

The final selection will be made by the BFW team and external evaluators. Applicants will be evaluated on several criteria:

  • whether the applicant belongs to an active community or a community directly affected by climate change;
  • applicant’s geographical location;
  • applicant’s motivation to participate in the program;
  • realistic deadlines for execution.

All approved participants will undergo a three-day training on community development, which will take place between 12-14 April 2022 in Plovdiv. At the training, they will have the opportunity to consider climate justice not only as an environmental issue but also as an ethical and political issue. Participants will be able to gain knowledge on various topics related to equity and climate. They will debate the fair treatment of all people in the draft of policies and projects addressing climate change, and also how to confront personally and communally the inequalities that go along with climate change.

All training participants will be able to enter an internal competition and win funding of up to 2,000 BGN to implement a project to apply the topics and knowledge from the training and share it with their communities. We hope that by the end of the program we will have built lasting contacts with them and will be able to witness their inspiring projects.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time and energy to share their motivation and ideas with us. We, at the Bulgaria Fund for Women, believe that by linking climate and social justice, we can ensure not only environmental but also social sustainability. We believe that healthy societies based on mutual support and solidarity are those that contribute to an ecologically balanced and thriving environment for all.

The Community Development Program is supported by Urgent Action Fund.

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