Where can Gender Studies be studied?

  •  July 14, 2015

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” started offering a M.A. degree a few years back that is not yet very famous but extraordinarily interesting as well as taught at a very high level – Women’s and Gender History (MATILDA European Masters degree).  You have two years to study everything about women’s movements in Bulgaria and the world, the fight for women’s rights, different feminist theories as well as the opportunity to spend a semester at a university abroad.

The program initiates integrated perspectives to spread the taught processes in a deeper context. The goals through its comparative and transnational focus are: research the differences and similarities in the relationships between the sexes in European cultures and societies in a historical perspective; research the role of gender in the forming of the European history; questioning inequalities in relation to gender hierarchies in different social contexts.

The curriculum is made up according to the principles of the Bologna declaration. It is reconciled between universities’ partners to provide the best opportunities for the mobility of students. Each of the university-partners: Vienna University (coordinator) in Austria, Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” in Bulgaria, Lumiere University in Lion, France, Central European University Budapest in Hungary, and the University of Glasgow in Great Britain – offers courses in core subject-matters of social research of gender and history of women and gender. The courses attract material and methodological innovations from other disciplines also such as philosophy, sociology, anthropology, literature theory, as the degree’s accent is the social, cultural and historical point of view.

Students in the M.A. program study at least one semester at a partner’s university – in Vienna, Glasgow, Lion or Budapest (the exchange is financed through ERASMUS) and take part in an international intensive program after their second semester (financed through EU) that takes place at a different country every summer.

More information and applying you can find here.

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