72 Project Ideas Received in the BFW’s March 8 Contest

  •  February 10, 2022

The Bulgarian Fund for Women received 72 project ideas from 34 villages/towns/cities, submitted by 39 non-profit organizations, 10 informal collectives and 23 individuals in the “March 8” 2022 Contest dedicated to International Women’s Day!

For the second consecutive year, the contest was held with the financial support of the online shopping platform Answear.bg, the British Embassy in Bulgaria, Dokova & Dokov Foundation and individual and corporate donors. Again we are looking for the boldest ideas to celebrate the contribution of women in political, economic, scientific and/or cultural aspects. Organizations, informal groups and activists submitted concepts from different locations including small and large towns as well as villages.

The candidates who submitted concepts were:

  • Adelina Petrova, Sofia – “The Forgotten” Mothers
  • Anelia Ilieva, Svishtov – “A Wаrm Embrace for Strong and Courageous Women”
  • Annie Rodina, Bansko – Short film: “WOMAN”
  • Association for Career Development and Training, Plovdiv – “March 8”
  • Boyana Topchijska, Sofia – Screening of the documentary “Ekaterina” about the life of Ekaterina Karavelova with an accompanying discussion about the pursuits of the famous Bulgarian woman and the current state of women’s rights in Bulgaria.
  • Viktor Ganchev and V&M Theatre Formation, Sofia – Interactive show “The Woman Now”
  • Galina Boncheva and Association “For Etropole”, Etropole – “The Etropole Woman – the Woman with Many Roles and Many Faces”
  • Galina Delikirova (a.k.a. Galina Ferroli) and Club “Educational Activist”, Kardzhali – “Street Fest 3E / Emancipation, Еrudition, Empathy”
  • Daniana Koeva and touring theatre “Cabinet”, Sofia – “Motherhood – Choice and Responsibility”
  • Daniela Yanakieva, Izgrev, Suvorovo municipality – “Flashmob “Bulgaria” and “memory” are in the feminine”
  • Denitsa Kyuchukova, Burgas – Stand-up Comedy Special “The World of the Housewife”
  • Diko Yordanov, Burgas – “Just because she’s your wife doesn’t make her your property”
  • Dobromira Encheva, Nikyup, and Veliko Tarnovo municipality. “United, Free and Independent Women!”
  • Elitsa Petkova, Sofia – “Not One Forgotten!”
  • Zarina Vassileva, Sofia – “Motherhood On Hold”
  • Zlatka Sadrazanova, Asenovgrad – “The Active Women of Asenovgrad”
  • Zoya Shopova and Health Centers “Family Planning”, Sofia – “Fire Shield”
  • Izabela Ivanova, Sofia – Short comics “Why I Celebrate Women’s History Month”
  • Health Activity & Technologies Insitute, Plovdiv – “Listen To Me! My Voice Saves Lives.”
  • Irena Daskalova, Sofia – “EIGHT”
  • Kamelia Kamenova, Sofia – “In the Shadow of Silence”
  • Clara Dinekova, MA, DFN and Cultural Center “Lyulin”, Sofia – “Right to Life?” – theater production and initiator of a dialogue/debate
  • Women’s Club “Rodopchanka”, Smolyan – “March 8”
  • Kristina Sidorova, Gabrovo – “MASK – Capable, Active, Bold, Creative, Ambitious”
  • Lyuba Popova and Eco Village “Live with Love”, Smolichano, Sofia municipality – “Digital Detox for the Feminine Power”
  • Maya Geleva, Sofia – “Women’s Support Groups and Connection to Feminine Power”
  • Milena Ilieva and Women’s Charity Society “Mother’s Love” – Gabrovo and Community center “Science – 1902” – Vranilovtsi – “The power of being a woman!”
  • People’s Community Centre “Garden – Varbitsa 1894”, Varbitsa, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality – “A Flower for Every Woman”
  • People’s Community Centre “N. I. Vaptsarov – 1895” and Historical Museum with Gallery, Dulovo – “Art-fem”
  • National Association for Social Cooperation and Partnership – NSSCP, Kuklen – National Association for Social Cooperation and Partnership, Dulov Kuklen – “Flames”
  • Teodora Vuchkova, Roberta Koleva, Nana Melkonianz and Informal Collective “KIAFOKI”, Sofia – “Stereotypes and Alternatives from 8 to Infinity. Empowerment and Subversion of the Feminine”.
  • People’s Community Centre “Lyuben Karavelov – 1921”, Buzovgrad and Informal Collective “Influx – Art as Life Experience”, Buzovgrad, – “Woman by Nature”
  • Radostina Vuteva, Blagoevgrad – “Women in Botevgrad 100 years ago and today”
  • Svetla Turnin, Sofia – “Seven stories for a just future”
  • Association “ArteVision”, Plovdiv – “The Voice of Women in Silence”
  • Association “Bibliofem”, Sofia – “Women’s Tales”
  • Bulgarian Association of Journalists and Travel Writers (ABUJET), Sofia – “What About the Countrywoman’s Money?”
  • “Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria” Association, Sofia – “Finding a Job in Bulgaria – Women Supporting Women”
  • “Sappho Association – Bulgaria”, Sofia “Vechernica: Women’s Stories Month”
  • Association “HAYACI”, Novi Pazar – “Roma Cuisine Recipes of Women Cooks from the District of Novi Pazar”.
  • “United Nations Association of Bulgaria”, Sofia – “Green Growth for Bulgarian Girls”
  • “The Women of Kazanlak” Association, Kazanlak – “Daughters of Liberty or When Women Lead the Way”
  • “Green Balkans” Association and informal collective “STEAM bg”, Plovdiv – “Celebrating the achievements of women in STEM – Upgrade”
  • “Institute for Social Integration” Association, Sofia – “Women’s Day… in Politics”
  • “Medecins du Monde” Association – Sliven Branch, “March 8 – Women Together”
  • “Metamorphosis” Association, Sofia – “Mothers in children’s wards in hospitals and their hidden female faces”
  • “With Russia for Faith, Unity and Culture – Nessebar” Association, Nessebar – “March 8 – Equal Opportunities for All Women in the World”
  • Association for Art and Culture “Building 14”, Ruse – “Woman in March”
  • Association for Support of People with Mental Disabilities, Varna – “Days Without Lipstick – 8 Inspiring Stories”
  • Association for Psychosocial Support and Personal Development, Smolyan – “The Power of the Female Spirit – 10 Beams of Light in the Challenging Daily Life of Rhodope Women”
  • Association “Kidma Anilevich – Ashomer – Bulgaria” and Regional Department of Education, Sofia – “Super Bulgarian Women”
  • “South-West Public Information Centre” Association, Blagoevgrad – “The Wisdom of women – from Antiquity to Today”
  • Association “Presidiu”, Kurtovo Konare – “Women of Kurtovo Konare – Past, Present, Future”
  • Siika Pavlova, Sliven – “Message to a Woman”
  • NGO “Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley”, Karlovo, “Embers – Women’s Active Development and Realization”
  • NGO “Young, Active, Creative”, Kurtovo, Karlovo municipality – “We Have the Power to Save the World”
  • Stefan Kamenov, Yambol – Photographic exhibition “Woman”
  • Stefka Benisheva, Stara Zagora – Pop up installation “There Were Two of Us”
  • Tezdzhan Ahmedova and informal collective Mom Power, Silistra – “Mom Power”
  • Federation “Sport, Health and Active Longevity”, Sofia – “Every Woman Has the Right to a Celebration”
  • Nadezhda Majalani and informal collective “Feminist Mobilizations”, Sofia. ” March 8, International Women’s Day Protest March”
  • “Children” Foundation, Sofia – “For Women with Love”
  • “Ekaterina Karavelova” Foundation, Plovdiv – “Her in Plovdiv”
  • “Fine Acts” Foundation, Sofia. “SPRINTS” – an innovative creative bootcamp for women’s rights
  • “Man with a Hat” Foundation, Sofia – “Get in Your Body” – a series of workshops for body positivity and empowerment through dance
  • “For a New Partnership in Journalism” Foundation, Sofia – “On Weekdays and Holydays: Women in the Media”
  • “Impact Drive” Foundation, Sofia. “F8 – Formula 8 for Female Faith”
  • “Emprove” Foundation and Women Survivors, Sofia. “A Day to Remember: From Women to Women”
  • “Edu Playground” Foundation, Plovdiv – “The Colours of Women”
  • “Orange” Foundation, Yagodovo, Berkovitsa municipality – “March 8 with Grandma!”
  • NGO “Youth European Society”, Blagoevgrad – “It’s Time!”
  • Yana Kostova, Sofia – “Bread and Roses”.

The team of the Bulgarian Fund for Women will conduct the ranking and evaluation of the projects.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Originality and adequacy of the proposed activities.
  • Relevance of the project’s objectives and activities to the theme of this competition.
  • Realistic objectives and expected results.
  • Good understanding of women’s discourse.
  • Realistic budget and balance between administrative costs and the costs of executing the activities.

In the evaluation process, preference will be given to:

  • Project ideas that include or address the needs of vulnerable groups of women (subject to multiple discrimination and/or marginalization,
  • Project ideas executed outside Sofia,
  • Project ideas that develop advocacy activities for women’s rights and involve local and/or national authorities.
  • Project ideas that aim to organize marches or other public events with the potential to mobilize a wide range of people and communities.

IMPORTANT: Due to the substantial number of applications received, the results for the approved project ideas will be announced by 14.02.2022 at the latest.


  • February 14, 2022 – evaluation of project ideas and announcement of the results
  • by February 17, 2022 – signing of contracts and financing
  • February 17 – March 31, 2022 – projects execution
  • April 20, 2022 – deadline for project reports

Thank you to all applicants who submitted their bold ideas in the second edition of the March 8 Contest!

Additional information:

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