Reward Gateway (UK) supports the causes of the Bulgarian Fund for Women

  •  March 1, 2021

The international company Reward Gateway (United Kingdom) became a partner of the Bulgarian Fund for Women and supported with a donation the causes of the Foundation for the еmpowerment of Women and Girls and for achieving a more equitable world without discrimination and violence.

The company is a leading provider of solutions for commitment and motivation of employees of large corporations around the world. In Bulgaria, Reward Gateway (United Kingdom) has an office in Plovdiv, where over 230 employees work, who change the way employers and employees communicate so that the world becomes a better place to work, which is the company’s mission.

In the face of Reward Gateway (United Kingdom), the Bulgarian Fund for Women has found a partner company that understands the benefits of investing in women. A number of studies show that women’s participation in management positions leads to higher financial results. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, companies that stimulate investment in women in leadership positions and in diversity in general have 15% better results than the average for the respective national industries. Other benefits that are taken into account, in addition to better financial results, include more successful decisions, better knowledge of consumer attitudes and needs, better management and accountability, as well as the cultivation of talent and new additions to the team. .

Employees build better, stronger and more sustainable organizations,” said Pippa Van Praagh of Reward Gateway. “The most successful companies in the world treat people in their teams differently. They generate twice the return on their investment and have half the turnover of employees. 76% of CEOs acknowledge that the commitment of their employees is vital to the company’s success, but only 24% of them report that they have achieved this. Overcoming this difference in commitment is what drives us. As a result, it leads to higher productivity, more innovation and the ability to make better decisions – precisely because employees are really engaged and motivated. In this way, we help both employers by attracting, engaging and retaining their people, and we are on the side of employees who are more successful and involved in the decision-making and growth of their company“.

Nadejda Dermendjieva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Fund for Women, commented: “We see in the face of Reward Gateway (United Kingdom) a true partner in our mission to achieve full gender equality and eliminate stereotypes and discrimination against women and girls, as well as to people of different race and origin, sexuality or disability. Reward Gateway understands what social change means and why it is important for businesses to invest in it. The company has a global Women’s Network, which works actively for investment in women in the business environment among its clients, but also practices Corporate Social Responsibility and supports a number of social projects and women’s organizations around the world. We are honored that Reward Gateway has recognized in our face its partner for Bulgaria and we hope that our cooperation will expand in the future to contribute to Bulgaria becoming a place where every girl and woman has the opportunity to develop their full potential and their voice to be heard.”

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