Nexo donates 44,905 BGN in support of the BFW Urgent Fund for Women and Children Affected by the War in Ukraine

  •  April 12, 2022

The donation will support refugees from Ukraine arriving in Bulgaria through our partnership with BCause.

Nexo, a global leader in digital assets management, donated $ 25,000 (equivalent to 44,905 BGN) to the Urgent Fund for Women and Children Affected by the war in Ukraine, launched by the BFW in the very first days of the war. We will distribute resources among first-line organizations supporting Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria, allocating all the funds we raise based on need and urgency.

“Nexo’s Bulgarian team considers it our duty to actively support the Ukrainian refugees, women, and children who sought asylum in our country, as well as those who stayed behind and continue to suffer. We believe our actions can encourage other companies and individuals to help those in Ukraine in any manner or amount of help possible”, shared the donor.

Thanks to the immediate initiation of our Urgent Fund and the donations we have received thus far, we have already managed to support four different organizations, namely, the Center Dinamika Association and the Right to Childhood Foundation in Ruse, the Mission Wings Foundation in Stara Zagora, and the Dignita Foundation in Sofia. They are all working on the front lines to meet the needs of vulnerable women and children arriving from war-torn Ukraine. The total support they received amounts to 25,000 BGN.

The funds will cover urgent humanitarian needs, including essential foodstuffs and sanitary products, medical supplies and tests and rental, accommodation, and transportation costs. A portion of the sum will also help provide counselling sessions to help individuals who fled cope with the recent traumatic events.

“The war was an event that shook our entire team to their core. In the last few weeks, our thoughts have been with the people on the ground in Ukraine and their compatriots seeking refuge in Bulgaria. We admire the enormous mobilization of so many volunteers and different organizations working on the front lines of the refugee crisis and will do our best to continue supporting them in the future”, said Nadejda Dermendjieva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Fund for Women.

We will keep up our efforts to support organizations working with women and children. Our Urgent Fund will remain open to donations, a hundred per cent of which will be re-directed to those who need them the most.

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