When do dreams come true?

  •  May 6, 2020

When do dreams come true? The answer can be provided by Lady Bikers MPowered Bulgaria Association

The idea for an organization was born a year before its establishment.

Motorcycling is a hobby that is perceived as purely male. In the world of motorcyclists it’s hard for women to find their place – they are not taken seriously. When women drive their machines together is perceived by men as an attraction rather than a separate community. A proof for this is a ban for women be members in the motorcycling community, regardless of their experience, the cubic meters of their machines or their character – gender-based discrimination is valid all over the world. These are some of the arguments for creation of such a community. Let’s be honest – a man will never leave a woman who needs help with her motorcycle but all other circumstances motivate women to claim their place. 

How is the community being established?

It all started in May 2019 with a Facebook group that a year later had 250 women members who drive their own motorcycle. In the end of 2019, the group’s leading committee decided that it is time for the Association to be established. The ladies enthusiastically embraced the idea. However, none of them knew how an NGO could be managed but the strong will and motivation to legitimize the community helped them to build up contacts and begin work.

In the beginning of 2020, the founder of the Association – Lilia Ossoyska, was among the approved candidates for the Community Building Programme of the Bulgarian Fund for Women. The program consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. Lily completes both parts and receives a stipend of 1400 Leva that provides her with the opportunity to establish Lady Bikers MPowered Bulgaria Association.

The Lady Bikers MPowered Bulgaria Association is an organization for women who love life, enjoy riding their motorbikes and support different social and cultural causes as domestic violence prevention, breast cancer awareness, responsible driving and other. The ladies know how to claim their rights and prove that whenever there is a will there is a way.

Dreams do come true! Always!

Photo: The Lady Bikers MPowered Bulgaria Association

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