Urgent Fund Update: BFW Distributed over BGN 140 000 to Organizations Providing Front-line Support to the Women and Children, Affected by the War in Ukraine

  •  September 9, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been continuing for more than half a year now and forced millions of Ukrainian citizens to seek protection and safety outside their homeland. Over 77 000 of them are now located in Bulgaria according to statistics from UNHCR.  

In the first days of the war, civil society organizations started welcoming the people arriving from Ukraine, providing urgent humanitarian, psychological and legal support – and continue to do it tirelessly even today. In order to assist their efforts in response to the escalating need for support, in the beginning of March we established an Urgent Fund for Women and Children Affected by the War.  

Thanks to it, up to date we have funded 18 organizations working with Ukrainian citizens in Bulgaria with the total amount of more than BGN 140 000. 

The funds were distributed among the following organizations:  
  1. Dignita Foundation  
  2. Mission Wings Foundation 
  3. Dinamika Centre Association  
  4. Right to Childhood Foundation 
  5. P.U.L.S. Foundation 
  6. Centre for Legal Aid – Voice in Bulgaria Foundation  
  7. Council of Women Refugees in Bulgaria  
  8. Open Heart Foundation 
  9. For the Good Foundation  
  10. Bulgarian Helsinki Committee  
  11. StrartUp Factory Association 
  12. Women Club Rodopchanka – Smolyan  
  13. Indi Roma 97 Social Foundation  
  14. The Social Teahouse Foundation  
  15. SOS Children’s Villages Association  
  16. Arms Wide Open Association  
  17. MAGNA SILVA Association  
  18. Bilitis Resource Centre Foundation  

Many of the organizations that we funded focused on providing social activities for children and families in order to support them in the process of integration and to contribute to them feeling safe, secure and as a part of a community.  

In an adaptive and informal environment in their Shared Women’s Space, the Women Club Rodopchanka organized regular diverse activities facilitated by leading experts. The activities aimed to provoke children’s interest to explore the surrounding world – playing musical instruments, studying natural sciences, practicing chemical experiments, art workshops, building and painting bird houses etc. 

The Arms Wide Open Association mobilized a group of experts, donors, volunteers, and partners, and with huge efforts and energy managed to create a Summer School Arms Wide Open – a safe space for over 90 children and their parents – for communication, education, group support and help, for the creation of a community. Within the School, the children studied Bulgarian, visited museums, went sightseeing, hiked, climbed mountain peaks and many more. 

Open Heart Foundation also contributed to the children’s fulfilling summer. They sent tens of Ukrainian children on a summer “school” trip where they established friendships and created precious memories. On several occasions, the Foundation provided food and other needed items to many of the hotels where refugees were staying.  

MAGNA SILVA Association and Indi Roma 97 Social Foundation also work towards supporting Ukrainian citizens in Bulgaria. Among the efforts of the two organizations are the preparation of an Evening of the Ukrainian Cuisine, provision of legal and administrative assistance, medical supplies and study materials, facilitation of history talks, studying Bulgarian, organization of art activities, and sightseeing in Bulgarian towns and cities.  

Bilitis Foundation’s Humanitarian Fund supports Ukrainian citizens from the LBTI community by providing food vouchers, medical supplies, covering rent costs as well as through providing free of charge psychological support in a safe environment. All Ukrainian LBTI people in Bulgaria are eligible to apply for Bilitis’ Humanitarian Fund.  

To date, the Fund has been supported by a number of companies, private foundations and women’s funds – Melon, Raw and More, Nuevo LTD, Ald Automotive, Kesher, Mama Cash, Foundation Chanel, Nexo, NAOS, Tina, SAP Labs Bulgaria, as well as over 75 individual donors. 

The Fund remains open as we continue to identify organizations that need support because there is no doubt that the consequences of the war will be long-term and deepening.  

Donate via bank transfer or through PayPal HERE. A 100% of the fundraised sum will be donated to those who need help.  

You can learn about P.U.L.S.’ efforts to support The Lysko Family from Ukraine HERE.  

Find out more about the work of the organizations that we support through the Urgent Fund HERE. We will continue to present you with their work in support of those affected by the war.  

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