Bulgarian fashion brand Cliché donated in support of the BFW cause

  •  February 5, 2021

The Bulgarian designer brand Cliché supported the cause of Bulgarian Fund for Women. The apparel company started its charitable initiative back in October, in which 20% of the value of the sales of T-shirts, part of their new collection Love Yourself First, were donated to BFW. The message of the new line supports the mission of BFW to empower women and girls in Bulgaria and to motivate them to love and take care of themselves.

Cliché is founded by the two sisters Tsvetina Lyubomirova and Elitsa Vasileva and has become a favorite brand for lots of celebrities from the Bulgarian show business. The company offers original clothes created with perfect cuts, quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship.

At Cliché, we have always been proud of our strong female team that has an amazing fighting and independent spirit. That is why, our new collection – Love Yourself First is inspired by female power. The power of a woman that makes her not only withstand difficulties, but also win and prosper. In this way we bring to the fore the incredible ability of women to be both strong and vulnerable, resilient and gentle, determined and compassionate“, commented one of the founders of the brand Elitsa Vasileva.

This is the message we send to all girls and women – Love Yourself FIRST! Let us, with love and respect for ourselves, create a source of love and empathy for everything that surrounds us. It was quite logical for us to choose to support an organization that shares the same values as ours. Therefore, 20% of the income from each sold white or black Cliché T-shirt with the slogan Love Yourself First will be donated to the Bulgarian Fund for Women (BFW) in order to develop the women’s movement in Bulgaria,” added the founder of Cliché.

You can see more about the cause-related marketing initiative on the webpage of Cliché, where you can also get yourself one of the cotton T-shirt in black and white with delicate French lace and embroidered with the author’s font slogan “Love Yourself First”. Thus, 20% of the value of your purchase will go to support the causes of the BFW.

Cliché reminds that among the most recognized programs for which the Bulgarian Fund for Women looks for support are: The Emergency Fund for Combating Domestic Violence in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Chance for the invisible super-mothers” – a program to support single moms who gain professional qualifications to be financially independent, the Program for the Empowerment of Girls and Young Women, the Fund for Support of Artistic Projects for Women and many others.

We would like to thank the Bulgarian company Cliché for the trust and recognition to support us! We have always known that one of the most empowering ways to develop the women’s movement is by showing examples of successful women helping other women. This example is the best way to show the feminine strength and solidarity that we desperately need right now”, commented Nadejda Dermendjieva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Fund for Women.

Photo: Cliché

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